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December 23, 2021

Best wishes 2022

Quantum computers, ultra-sensitive sensors, secure communication systems, quantum current standards, the quantum technologies that are in the spotlight this year.

Le LNE vous souhaite une belle et heureuse année 2022

Discovered in the first half of the 20th century, quantum physics has never ceased to surprise and amaze physicists with its disconcerting nature. Now in the process of being 'domesticated', it offers the promise of a technological revolution whose first fruits are beginning to spread outside the fundamental research laboratories.

However, the emergence of new quantum technologies will only be possible thanks to a strong metrology system that understands all the specificities of the quantum world and is able to offer reliable measurements of these unprecedented performances.

LNE wishes you a happy new year 2022

Metrology at the heart of quantum development

Metrology is a source of confidence and will drive innovation, industrialization, marketing and, ultimately, the adoption of these technologies. Moreover, quantum technologies open up a whole new generation of applications in the world of metrology, such as graphene as the basis for new quantum electrical standards or ultra-stable atomic clocks for record time measurement.

LNE is fully involved in the National Quantum Strategy and, with its expertise in advanced technologies and electrical metrology, aims to support the emergence of a quantum industry in France.