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2 November 2021

Creation of the LNE-GMED UK subsidiary: the LNE group increases its international presence

The LNE group is expanding its certification activities in the UK by setting up a new subsidiary: LNE-GMED UK. The aim of this future certification body for medical devices, construction products, measuring instruments and products emitting noise outside buildings is to secure access to the UK market for LNE and GMED customers while speeding up the development of the LNE group.

Following the Brexit, products bearing the CE mark in the EU market must now comply with UK regulations if they are to be marketed in the UK. These regulations require products to carry a UKCA (UK Conformity Assessed) mark to certify their conformity. When a product's conformity assessment is carried out by a certification body, the latter must be recognized by the local authorities to benefit from the "UK Approved Body" (UKAB) status. This status can only be granted to bodies based in the UK.

To support manufacturers, for whom the UK is a significant market, LNE, through its subsidiary GMED, is working to obtain UK Approved Body status through a new entity called LNE-GMED UK, based near London. This new subsidiary of the LNE group will draw on the expertise of GMED and LNE teams and will also significantly develop its own local production resources. This will enable manufacturers to benefit from the high standards and excellence for which LNE is renowned.

The creation of LNE-GMED UK strengthens LNE's and GMED's position as an international certification body.

David Francis will head the UK subsidiary as General Manager. An engineer by training with more than 20 years' experience in the medical devices, electromechanical engineering, aerospace, avionics and defense sectors, gained in management positions in industry, notified bodies and consulting firms, David will use his expertise to help roll out this new subsidiary for the benefit of manufacturers wishing to place their products on the UK market.