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December 2, 2021

Food safety: LNE recognised as a competent organisation by the EFSA

Thanks to its expertise in nanotechnology, materials in contact with food and chemical contamination, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has officially recognised LNE as a competent organisation.

LNE's expertise recognised at European level

The EFSA, an independent European agency, is responsible for providing scientific advice and communication on risks in the food chain. It draws on the opinions of experts from various European bodies recognised as competent to provide such advice. It is in this context that LNE has been recognised as a competent organisation and its expertise will be sought to enrich the agency's opinions on three topics:

  • Food contact materials, enzymes and/or processing aids
  • Chemical contaminants in the food chain
  • Nanotechnology

This recognition will also enable it to respond to calls for projects reserved for competent organisations, for which it is called upon in terms of standardisation and regulatory developments.

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