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September 27, 2021

LNE's 2020 Research Report

Despite a complex year in 2020, LNE and the laboratories of the French National Metrology Network (RNMF) managed to continue their quest for excellence. Numerous European projects on major societal issues such as air quality measurement, hydrogen metrology and building insulation were completed.

Research report 2020

This year more than ever, health was at the heart of everyone's concerns, and LNE demonstrated the importance of strong metrology research for society. Thanks to its expertise in aerosol metrology developed over many years, LNE was able to use its skills to assess the filtration performance of masks. In 2020, LNE's activity in the health field was also marked by work on cardiovascular diseases and extracellular vesicles. Two LNE researchers working to protect our fellow citizens through their work on Alzheimer's disease and air quality were recognised through the LNE Research Award 2020.

The work carried out this year by the LNE and RNMF teams also demonstrated the role of metrology in supporting innovation through research into future technologies such as hydrogen, artificial intelligence, 5G mobile electronics and their energy consumption, and atomic clocks, with a view to redefining the second.

Find out more about many of these achievements in our latest research report.