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May 20, 2020

World Metrology Day 2020 : LNE fighting against the covid-19 pandemic in France

World metrology day 2020

This year, the focus is “Measures for world trade”. The objective is to promote the important role of Metrology in our society in facilitating fair world trade, guaranteeing the conformity of products with standards and regulations, and satisfying customer expectations for quality.

World metrology day 2020

This year the covid-19 pandemic as unforeseen and unprecedented event is having a severe impact all over the world and particularly in Europe and in France.  In agreement with the French authorities, LNE group for one side has immediately set-up new facilities in a couple of weeks for checking the compliance of the personal protection equipment (masks) according to standards and national regulations.

Indeed, with masks arriving from all over the world, metrology has been playing a crucial role in order to guarantee the safety and performance of these products. Moreover the GMED subsidiary, one of the most important entities in Europe in health devices certification has been very actively involved for certifying new innovative medical devices fully respecting to the examination processes.

Thus, based on its great expertise in metrology, whether in the generation and characterization of aerosols or the evaluation of medical devices, LNE has been more than ever committed in the current context, to put the Measurement to the service of citizen security by measuring  the performances of the masks, whether FFP2, surgical, or dedicated to the citizen.

Therefore LNE group as fully maintained laboratory activities during all this crisis period that is not ended yet. New research fields have been identified will be developed more actively in the following years for instance on the aerosol metrology and in health metrology.

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