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LNE slated to present at the Enova trade show and International Metrology Congress

This year once again, LNE will be among the presenters at both the Enova trade show, dedicated to electronic technologies, the Internet of Things (IoT), measurement, vision and optics, and the International Metrology Congress (IMC)

During these three days, you'll have the opportunity to meet LNE's teams at the show's Metrology Village, as well as during many IMC 2017 sessions.

In addition to its coordination and oversight of the French National Metrology Network as well as its role as a reference entity in establishing a number of metrological magnitudes, LNE's missions encompass testing campaigns, technical assistance, certification and training, all intended to benefit industry, enhance consumer protections and address society's challenges.

During the Enova trade show, LNE will host visitors at its designated space (stand E32). This occasion will expose LNE's overall set of services available in areas like metrology, technical assistance, innovation support and measurement engineering. This event will also serve to learn more about CPEM 2018 (Conference on Precision Electromagnetic Measurements) LNE is organizing in collaboration with the Paris Observatory and CNRS Scientific Research Network for July 2018. This international gathering of over 400 metrologists and experts in the field of electromagnetism will be taking place in Paris for the first time in 26 years.

LNE's 2016 activities in numbers

25 %

of LNE's total budget allocated to research


research projects ongoing


platforms dedicated to nanotechnologies


The International Metrology Congress

Held in conjunction with the trade show, the International Metrology Congress will feature LNE researchers and engineers leading more than 20 workshops, conferences and roundtables. The wide array of subjects raised during these sessions will include: electric metrology, thermal metrology, water quality, the international system of units, energy, health, nanotechnologies, and optics.

Mr. Thomas Grenon, LNE's Managing Director, will preside over the session entitled « Inventing the future through measurement » on Wednesday September 20th , which will focus on the following topics:

  • Revisions to the international system (SI) of units,
  • Joint European research in metrology on behalf of industry and society at large,
  • The role of metrology in missions to outer space.

For the complete congress program, please consult www.cim2017.com

LNE's participation at IMC 2017


papers delivered


roundtable sessions hosted








conference posters on display


experts on call during the Congress





Press contacts

LNE : Alexandre Papin • +33 (0)1 40 43 38 92 • alexandre.papin@lne.fr – Valérie Mulot • +33 (0)1 40 43 40 93


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