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LNE announces a strategic partnership with ZEISS

LNE is expanding its level of expertise and resources in the area of (3D) dimensional metrology so as to better satisfy industry's more stringent demands, through entering into a partnership with Zeiss, a leader in the optical and optoelectronics sector.

Since the emergence of the field of 3D metrology, LNE's research activities have helped guide industry in the implementation and mastery of such technologies. LNE laboratories are frequently called upon to provide technical assistance and calibration services.

By equipping its Nîmes facility with a ZEISS ACCURA three-dimensional measurement machine with an adjustable measurement head, LNE now boasts the latest-generation equipment for executing control missions at an optimal level for its industrial clients, as regards both measurement uncertainties and the range of measurable specifications. Today, the needs of many sectors of activity, including aeronautics and medical, can be addressed more efficiently.


With this investment, our position in the area of high-quality 3D measurements has become stronger, aided in large part by the competences acquired by laboratory staff over many years in the R&D field as well as in service provision.

Thomas GRENON, LNE Managing Director


To meet the specific needs of the medical sector and anticipate the demand for controlling parts in the field of additive manufacturing, LNE has also purchased a ZEISS laser scanner head. It is now possible to scan complex-shaped parts in extracting clouds of points for CAD input, for the purpose of either rebuilding (i.e. producing a CAD drawing from a single part) or performing dimensional controls by means of comparing point-based files with theoretical CAD output.

Privileged access to ZEISS

As part of this joint development venture, LNE and ZEISS have signed a service and technical partnership agreement that allows LNE to benefit from special access to ZEISS technical support staff. This agreement also outlines the scheduling, at LNE's Nîmes site, of demonstrations specifically for ZEISS, as well as daylong technical sessions devoted to three-dimensional measurement. Moreover, the technical side of the partnership provides LNE with a preview and trial results of the latest generation of sensors developed by ZEISS, as was the case for Dotscan.


Our objective is to extend and constantly improve the measurements we conduct; in this aim, we have decided to invest this year in ZEISS' virtual machine option, enabling us to offer a level of measurement uncertainty on each magnitude being measured based on calculation algorithms derived by PTB.

Eric FARGIER, LNE Nîmes Regional Representative


On average, ZEISS files more than one patent every business day; we've been an innovation incubator for over 160 years. It has always been a tremendous honor for ZEISS, in its role as a provider of 3D measurement solutions, to be associated with LNE teams on such high-profile and high-quality projects. In relying on the expression and analysis of their needs, we're able to progress side by side and identify new solutions in the area of three-dimensional measurement.

Cyril AUJARD, Director of Industrial Metrology, ZEISS

Press contacts

LNE : Alexandre Papin • +33 (0)1 40 43 38 92 • alexandre.papin@lne.fr – Valérie Mulot • +33 (0)1 40 43 40 93

ZEISS : Marie-France Radenez • +33 (0)6 48 29 51 07 • info.metrology.fr@zeiss.com

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