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Launch of the "Material and Contact Packaging Safety" interdisciplinary unit

The National Metrology and Testing Laboratory (LNE) is emphasizing food safety and has announced the launch of a "Material and Contact Packaging Safety" interdisciplinary technology unit, with the formal presentation scheduled for June 21st 2017.

The contamination of food products contained in packaging systems constitutes a major public health risk. Given this observation, LNE in conjunction with the INRA Institute / AgroParisTech has created the "SAFEMAT" interdisciplinary unit (French acronym UMT).

Under the aegis of ACTIA (Technical Coordination Association for the Food Processing Industry), SAFEMAT (as a Joint Technology Unit dedicated to Packaging Safety) comprises teams from both LNE and INRA / AgroParisTech Massy; its certification was officially granted on January 12th 2017. This unit, whose objective is to improve the "Safety of materials and packaging in contact with foods and biological products", will offer the platform for effectively sharing with INRA / AgroParisTech Massy teams the resources and expertise to model material and packaging transfer phenomena for applications in the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical sectors.

The industrial challenge consists of equipping firms with decision-making aids that allow predicting the regulatory compliance of packaging as of its design phase (adhering to the "Safe by Design" concept), which is essential, especially as regards the development of biosourced, biodegradable materials, nanocomposites and recycled materials. LNE has also been the recipient of the ITAI (Agro-Industrial Technical Institute) accreditation in food packaging since 2007 and coordinator of the "RMT ProPack Food" consortium composed of 17 expert partners since 2008 assigned the topic of Packaging / Process / Food. These awards have been administered by the Ministry overseeing the Food Processing industry upon ACTIA recommendation.

During the inauguration ceremony, a presentation of the new unit will showcase its goals, the objectives set and the resources allocated by partners to meet the scientific, industrial and societal challenges raised concerning packaging materials in contact with foods, cosmetics and medicine.


I'm extremely pleased by the creation of this SAFEMAT unit, which will provide industry with the prediction, evaluation and modeling toolbox to design packaging that continues to be more effective and respectful of both human health and the environment.

Thomas GRENON, Managing Director

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