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Philippe CASSETTE awarded the LNE 2016 Research Prize

The eighth annual award of LNE's Research Prize will, on December 8th 2016, showcase a researcher whose works are both complex and global in scope.

Created in 2009, the LNE Research Prize is meant to honor researchers who have greatly contributed to the success and scientific renown of the French Metrology Network, under LNE stewardship, and to the Laboratory's own research activities. This eighth award will, on Thursday December 8th 2016, showcase a researcher whose works are both complex and global in scope.

Philippe Cassette, Ph.D. in physical chemistry, has won distinction for his research advances in the metrology of ionizing radiation.

Assigned to his first post at LNE-LNHB in 1991 after managing the laboratory studying contamination transfers in nuclear facilities with France's Nuclear Protection and Safety Institute (ISPN, which evolved to become part of IRSN), Philippe began by overseeing primary activity measurements by the use of methods involving liquid scintillation, which at the time was being extensively developed.

Over time, his responsibilities expanded to some of the Laboratory's other measurement techniques:

  • primary and secondary measurements of radioactive gases (differential proportional counters),
  • primary and secondary measurements of radon and thoron,
  • flow rate measurements of neutron source emissions (so-called manganese bath method), spearheading major breakthroughs in the development of instrumentation and associated measurement methods.

This progress contributed to the outstanding results posted by LNE-LNHB during international activity measurement comparisons, as well as to the Laboratory's scientific notoriety at the international level.

Philippe's expertise in the field of ionizing radiation metrology was officially recognized internally by France's CEA (Atomic Energy Commission), leading to his appointment first as senior expert in 2004 and then in 2009 as international expert.

He has also earned tremendous praise from his peers in the international arena, through conducting myriad expert missions (for AIEA among others), including: ANSTO (Australia), CNEA (Argentina), IFIN (Romania), LNMRI (Brazil), NIM (China), NIST (United States), NPL (United Kingdom), RC (Poland), CENTIS (Cuba), and SMU (Slovakia). This recognition has also been derived from many cooperative ventures developing liquid scintillation counters and from hosting colleagues representing various foreign institutes.

Mr. Cassette has served as coordinator of the Liquid Scintillation Working Group with the International Committee for Radionuclide Metrology (ICRM). He has been a member of the ICRM Conferences Scientific Committee since 1997 and has held a seat on the Conferences Scientific Committee of Advances in Liquid Spectrometry since 2001.

Within the scope of the European metrology research program, he led a Work Package dedicated to the MetroFission project.

Philippe has authored or co-authored some 80 articles, over 70 of which are published in peer-reviewed journals in the metrology of radioactivity field.

Credentialed to supervise research (from the University of Paris-South) in 2008, he has directed 9 thesis projects (including 4 at foreign universities) and 3 engineering curricula. He has taught courses at the INSTN Institute, the University Blaise-Pascal in Clermont-Ferrand and the University of Paris VII, as well as at several institutes abroad.

Philippe Cassette's high-quality scientific work and the multiple collaborations he initiated over the years has significantly raised LNE-LNHB's international profile, and with it the prestige of French metrology.

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