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April 11, 2019

LNE, a research organisation: a look back at a historic year

Evolution of the International System of Units, reliability of medical analyses, hydrogen storage, radioactivity measurement, additive manufacturing, artificial intelligence, nanotechnologies.

Research report 2018In 2018, the diversity of research topics covered by the LNE, and the French National Metrology Network, testifies to the richness of the projects carried out by the teams. We invite you to relive this year in our latest "research" activity report.

The year 2018 was a historic year for the world of metrology. Indeed, the definitions of four units of the International System of Measurement: the kilogram, the kelvin, the ampere and the mole, have been modified. A change in definitions made possible in part thanks to the work of the LNE and the Réseau national de la métrologie française.

At the same time, LNE has asserted its position on many emerging and promising topics, such as artificial intelligence, additive manufacturing or nanotechnologies, as well as on societal concerns such as air quality measurements and the reliability of medical analyses.

These topics are only a few examples among the many research projects presented in this report and built around 5 strong themes:

  • Health: ensuring the safety of citizens
  • Environment: contributing to a sustainable world
  • Industry of the future: supporting innovation
  • Tomorrow's materials: mastering the challenges
  • International System of Units: a historic year

Consult the 2018 research report