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Fire resistance tests: Euroclasses

In Europe, the majority of building materials sold on the market must be assigned a file indicating their fire resistance based on the Euroclass rating system. This Euroclass fire resistance rating extends from A1 (products that do not or only very slightly contribute to fire spreading) to F (products with no fire resistance whatsoever).

To identify the Euroclass rating of your product and hold the keys necessary for its successful marketing, LNE makes available 4 offers that take into account your needs in terms of scheduling, costs and accompaniment:

Economical offer

Satisfy your economic constraintsoffre euroclasse eco

+ The best price

Timely offer

Obtain a classification report within one weekoffre euroclasse chrono

+ Report delivery within one week(2-3)

Standard offer

offre euroclasse classiqueTake advantage of the best schedule / price tradeoff

+ The best schedule / price tradeoff

Premium offer

Receipt of professional guidance

+ In-depth technical exchanges with our experts

offre euroclasse prenium+ Advice on the regulations to be respected

+ Execution of tests in your presence

+ Assistance in interpreting / using the results obtained

Detail of each offer


  Economical Timely Standard Premium
Preparation of specimens
Supply of support materials optional
Test report(1)
Cofrac bilingual certificate
Timeline(2) 6 to 8 weeks 1 week(3) 3 to 4 weeks Specified upon ordering
Availability of a test video optional optional optional
Client's attendance during testing X X optional
Preliminary study of the product's fire behavior X X optional
Assistance and advice regarding test results X X X


(1) The fire behavior tests conducted at LNE satisfy the requirements of European testing methods standardized for fire resistance (NF EN 11925-2, NF EN 13823, NF EN ISO 1716, NF EN 1182, NF EN ISO 9239-1).

(2) The timelines provided extend from receipt of the order, including sample preparation at our Trappes facility and through to delivery of the properly completed information sheet.

(3) Excluding packaging time - Exclusive of materials: shells, manifold assembly, bulk, cladding and thermoplastic products (timeline to be specified when placing the order).

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