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    Scientist in quantum electrical metrology - M/F


    In the Fundamental Electrical Metrology Department of LNE, the work carried out in quantum electrical metrology concerns: i) the research for exploiting quantum phenomena in condensed matter to realize primary standards of the SI electrical units, ii) the development of the associated instrumentation, iii) the maintaining of the French references based on the quantum Hall effect (QHE) and Josephson effect to disseminate the ohm and the volt to internal users with high accuracy.

    To carry out its work successfully, the team can rely on a long-standing experience in the research  mentioned above: world leader for the quantum Hall resistance standard (notably in graphene), experienced in the Josephson voltage standard, and pioneer of the development of the current standard based on single-electron devices.

    The recent revision of the SI has put the quantum electrical metrology at the centre of the game: the quantum electrical standards based on the Planck constant and the elementary charge can realize the main electrical units with unprecedented accuracy.

    Beyond, the development of quantum technologies with the promise of breakthroughs in the fields of telecommunications, information technology, imaging and high-precision measurement offers a flourishing perspective to quantum electrical metrology.


    As a researcher, you will participate in the current work and projects of the LNE quantum electrical metrology team (quantum Hall resistance standard in graphene and related topics, quantum current standard based on the combination of QHE and Josephson effect, instrumentation). You will take part to the necessary experimental work, including measurements as well as the development of setups and instrumentation. You will analyse and interpret the data.

    In addition, you will have the opportunity to contribute to or lead new research projects in the field of quantum technologies, as part of the LNE strategy.

    You will promote the results in scientific communications (articles, conferences, etc.) and possibly through more specific actions (calibration services, standardization, patents, prototypes, etc.).

    You must be able to integrate your work into national or European research and innovation programmes and must have the capacity to develop collaborations with academic and industrial partners, from your own network and/or that of the team.


    You have a PhD in physics with a solid academic background in condensed matter physics / quantum physics, a strong interest in experimental sciences, measurement, instrumentation as well as technological and applied research.

    A few-year professional experience in academic research or R&D in industry or metrology, after your PhD thesis, will be an asset. Beyond your technical expertise and knowledge, you are also recognized for your interpersonal skills: good communication, teamworking, proactive, constructive, etc.

    Occasional travel to be planned for all scientific exchanges necessary for the mission: France, Europe, International

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