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R&D development, product performance qualification: whatever the stage in your product's life cycle, LNE can help you with any project requiring a study or technical assistance. LNE can provide you with the know-how and experience of its teams through a range of services designed to solve your industrial problems.

Why use technical assistance?

Depending on the phase of development of your product you need to :

  • Understand a standard or a regulation
  • Remove regulatory obstacles to market your product in Europe (CE marking) or internationally
  • Improve and qualify the performance of your product
  • Improve and optimize your measurement process

Our technical assistance can take different forms depending on your needs: from regulatory technical assistance to product investigation, or from training to partnership research.

Support that can be adapted to your project


In metrology, we offer assistance with the objective of making measurement results more reliable, which is formalized by

  • The optimization of your measurement processes
  • The development or validation of a customized analytical method

These methods will be directly transposable on your production sites and can be accompanied by specific practical work via our training.

Depending on your field of expertise, LNE can carry out comparative studies of existing instruments on the market and draw up the associated measurement protocol to ensure that you have the most suitable measuring bench for your analytical needs. This study can be completed and compared with measurements made on our reference benches.


In testing, our engineers and technicians are able to draw up specifications that may include the drafting of test protocols necessary for the qualification of your product. They can also optimize your current test programs by carrying out particular and specific investigations of your product, from its design to its industrialization. Their level of expertise will allow you to characterize, determine and correct possible failures.


In certification, our auditors and technical experts can provide technical and regulatory assistance to help you interpret and understand the standards or regulations you must meet. Their skills also allow them to carry out blank audits and to propose a corrective action plan in order to assist you in obtaining your accreditation.


To help you in your innovation and research work, our experts can also carry out bibliographic studies useful for understanding your problem. This study will bring together and summarize a range of technical and scientific information relating to your field, and depending on its field of application, it can also be followed up by tests and analyses carried out in our laboratories.

In addition to these technical assistance services, LNE can also draw up partnership research contracts that will enable you to benefit from the experience of our experts and, where necessary, to pool our various technological platforms.

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