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The LNE provides its customers with several software free of charge.

LNE Uncertainty

LNE Uncertainty is a freeware software that evaluates the measurement uncertainty by the propagation of variances according to GUM and/or propagation of distributions using Monte Carlo simulations according to GUM S1.



LNE-Matics is a free and open-source software suite designed for data exploration and the evaluation of systems. Its initial purpose is to address the evaluation of Natural Language Processing systems, and in a next step to open up to a wider range of data derived from artificial intelligence systems.

Download LNE-Matics


CASoft is a software that enables risks associated with decision-making in conformity assessment to be managed when measurement uncertainty is to be taken into account. In particular, CASoft aims to support the practical application of the methodology described in the reference document “The role of measurement uncertainty in conformity assessment” JCGM106:2012 [1].

Download CASoft


LNE-MCM est un logiciel permettant d’évaluer l’incertitude de mesure par propagation de distributions en utilisant les simulations de Monte Carlo. Cette méthode est décrite dans le supplément 1 du guide pour l’expression de l’incertitude de mesure (GUM).

Download LNE-MCM (in french only)


LNE-RegPoly est un logiciel qui permet d'estimer la fonction en intégrant les incertitudes associées aux valeurs-étalons et aux indications et d'évaluer un résultat de mesure et son incertitude.

Download LNE-RegPoly (in french only)


RePCal is a freeware software for calculation of parameters of air and the acoustic transfer admittance of a plane wave coupler according to the standards IEC 61094-2:2009, IEC 61094-2:2009/AMD1:2022 and the new formulations provided in the reference D. Rodrigues et al. Metrologia 2023.

Download RePCal