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R&D activities

As a public sector entity, LNE cames out scientific and technical research work both within its fields of competence and in pursuing avenues suggested by public authorities.

To execute its assigned technical assistance activities successfully, LNE has developed a broad array of multidisciplinary resources and skills to respond better, in its role as a reference laboratory, to the diversity of problem situations it is tasked with addressing by industrial firms, laboratories or public authorities. These challenges span consumer protection, public health and safety, environmental preservation and energy efficiency.

The Laboratory produces reference test benches, in addition to developing new reference testing and analysis resources-methods across all fields where the challenges of consumer protection, public health, environmental preservation or energy efficiency require anticipating future needs. LNE pays close attention to regulatory and standardization issues as well.

Key figures

In 2021, research performed at LNE accounted for:


of LNE's total budget


publications in peer-reviewed journals


PhD students


Ph.D's and engineers



Major topics

LNE orients its research activities around a number of critical topics, namely:

  • New information and communication technologies, robotics, information processing from a broad perspective, and connected  objects.
  • Characterization of advanced and complex materials, studies of functional surfaces featuring modeling approaches. LNE is also in an excellent position to characterize materials at the nanometric scale.
  • Health systems, medical devices, pharmaceuticals. The development of diagnostic methods, new references for medical imaging, and reference materials.
  • The factory of the future and manufacturing processes.
  • The environment (air quality, water quality) and energy efficiency (intelligent networks, lighting, new fuels, aerial detection).

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Technological platforms

As part of these various research and development activities, LNE has set up several technological platforms, including:

  • The "CARMEN" and "MONA" platforms for characterizing nanomaterials (such as aerosols) and determining measurement traceability with respect to the International System of Units (SI);
  • The "MATIS" platform for analyzing the thermo-physical and radiative properties of materials.