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We talk about it

Toy safety, atmospheric pollution, food contamination, or nanoparticles in our food supply… every year, a number of headlines command media attention and, in doing so, alert the general public to a range of societal topics. Their commonality? It's always about measurements. This heading, "We talk about it", will unpack many such media-driven topics in providing you with explanations, documents and analyses in order to better understand the key issues involved by way of reports specially prepared by LNE's teams of experts.

Evaluating artificial intelligence

Intelligent systems have undergone major developments since 2016 and are finding more and more applications in our economy. They represent a ...

Packaging and food safety

Food contamination by substances contained in cases or cardboard boxes has now been proven. The presence of mineral oils has been exposed in a wide ...

Characterizing nanomaterials

Nanoparticles are receiving plenty of attention nowadays in both the societal and scientific spheres. Some of these particles have existed in the ...
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