In commissioning LNE, a Cofrac-accredited body for over 150 families of specialized skills, you have the assurance of receiving services conducted using technical competences and management rules that undergo regular peer review. The impartiality it practices in decisions and evaluations has earned the trust of all industries that call upon LNE to address the problems they encounter. Moreover, LNE is the beneficiary of certifications and notifications issued by French and foreign Ministries and expert bodies in the majority of its areas of specialization.

COFRAC accreditations

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Accreditation details page (in french)

List of accredited sites and scopes available on  Cofrac website

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The LNE quality systems

Three distinct quality systems have been developed within LNE:

  • the "Tests and Calibration" quality system, based on the Standard ISO 17025
  • the "Certification" quality system, based on the Standards ISO 17021 and ISO 17065
  • the "ISO 9001" quality system, for the range of support services.

These systems are intended to ensure and improve the best professional practices and quality of services in order to satisfy clients' requirements, in addition to the set of regulatory and legal requirements and requirements applicable to third-party bodies.

Each system is set up with its own document archival service.

For further information, please inquire with our Quality Department.