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Measurements and references

Whether specific to GPS positioning, energy consumption, air quality or monitoring of nanoparticles, measurements are an integral part of our daily lives. Since its founding in 1901, LNE has been striving for a safer society, with a highly competitive and innovative corporate sector, through its efforts in research, certification, testing and calibration.


A public industrial and commercial institution (EPIC designation), LNE has been placed under the trusteeship of the French Ministry for the Economy ...

Sectors covered

Within an increasingly restrictive environment, LNE advises companies in their strategy to enhance competitiveness and innovation. Regardless of their...

Governance and organization

At the crossroads of science and industry since its creation in 1901 within the CNAM National Engineering Institute, the National Testing Laboratory (...


In commissioning LNE, a Cofrac-accredited body for over 150 families of specialized skills, you have the assurance of receiving services conducted ...
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