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LNE modernizes its image and unveils its new visual identity

To support its new strategy, the National Metrology and Testing Laboratory is developing its visual identity.

After developing a new, more modern and attractive website in June 2017, LNE adopted a new logo and a new signature to embody its values and its new development policy to servethe industry and citizens.

Honesty, independence, competence, rigor, listening, ethics: these are some of the values of the LNE, pointed out by its employees, that the new identity had to transcribe. This work was carried out in collaboration with the Dragon Rouge design agency, which was able to translate the problems and challenges of the laboratory and synthesize them through an identity proposal in adequacy with its values and its activities.

The trigram, the Marianne and the signature: 3 major changes

  • The new typography of the logo evokes innovation, technology and expresses the dynamism of the laboratory. The association of the two colors, blue and red, beyond symbolizing the close link between the LNE and the public authority, makes it possible to combine the notions of truth, confidence and security with the notions of dynamism and energy.
  • Symbol of the State, the Marianne has always been part of the visual identity of the establishment since its creation and legitimizes the authority of the LNE as a public establishment. Still present in this new version, it has been modernized thanks to clean and geometric lines, giving it a scientific and rigorous character.
  • This logo is also accompanied by a new signature: "Building Trust". This puts trust, one of the laboratory's core values, at the heart of its identity.
LNE's signature "Building Trust"

A new dynamism

The evolution of the LNE logo and signature is part of a new dynamic launched since mid-2016 by Thomas Grenon, General Manager of the Laboratory. After three years of losses, this new dynamic allowed a return to balance at the end of 2016 and should translate into historical results in 2017. It is massively supported by the employees who have been very committed to maintaining their establishment and jobs, and then in the definition of a new development strategy.

The result of this mobilization made possible to significantly improve the LNE's profitability, while preserving employment,. Thanks to strong growth in EBITDA, operating income and cash flow from operations, the institution has regained financial latitude enabling it to invest in its research and equipment.

LNE's prospects in the emerging fields in which it is positioning itself (nanotechnologies, additive manufacturing, artificial intelligence, quantum technologies, etc.), the spin-off of its certification activity in the medical field as well as its new investment capacities, attest a renewed dynamism that needed to be accompanied by a new visual identity.


LNE, with a new dynamic and renewed financial health, aims to better convey its expertise, disseminate its work more widely and communicate regularly on these areas of intervention. In this context, we believed it was necessary to modernize our visual identity to reflect our values and our new strategy. We now have new efficient channels of communication that have already received the support of our employees and customers.

Thomas Grenon, Director General of LNE

Press contacts

LNE : Alexandre Papin • +33 1 40 43 38 92 • alexandre.papin@lne.fr – Valérie Mulot • +33 1 40 43 40 93


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