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Determining the noise level of machines and equipment

To stand out from their competitors, meet customer specifications (low noise limit, acoustic discretion) or regulatory requirements (Noise Directive 2000/14/EC, Machine Directive 2006/42/EC...), manufacturers need to know the noise levels of their products. LNE meets this need by measuring sound pressure or power, in particular to ISO 3744 standard, under COFRAC* accreditation.

Why carry out acoustic measurements?

Noise is often synonymous with nuisance. Hence noise is usually the subject of regulations or industrial specifications to which equipment manufacturers must comply. Noise is also associated with the ease of use of many consumer products, making it a key element of marketing strategy to meet consumer expectations and stand out from the competition.

In addition, military equipment manufacturers have to meet acoustic discretion requirements, making it necessary to qualify these products in an environment with very low background noise levels.

Proposed acoustic tests

As an expert in acoustics, a test provider (power, absorption, electroacoustics) and a metrologist (primary acoustic metrology laboratory), LNE has the skills (dedicated team of acoustics engineers and technicians) and resources (semi-anechoic room and instrumentation) to support manufacturers in qualifying their products:

  • Measuring sound pressure and determining sound power;
  • Fine-band spectra (FFT), time evolution;
  • Help with product development and finalization;
  • Verification, certification, compliance with the standards, specifications and regulations...

Means for measuring product noise levels

LNE has a semi-anechoic "laboratory" precision chamber, 110 m3 in size, with a background noise < 16 dBA (< 30 dB Lin) and a cut-off frequency of 120 Hz. This performance enables noise measurements to be taken on a wide range of equipment, including those whose noise is close to the threshold of hearing (application to acoustic discretion on military equipment).

For bulky equipment, particularly for outdoor use, these tests can be carried out on LNE's outdoor test track or at the customer's site.

Our laboratories in video (French version)

Characteristics of our equipment



Semi-anechoic chamber
  • Background noise (min 30 dB, 16 dBA);
  • Cut-off frequency 120 Hz;
  • Volume : 110 m³;
  • Air-conditioned room;
  • Gas extraction system, water evacuation, compressed air.
Test room for controlled environmental conditions
Acquisition system
  • Multichannel compliant with Class 1 requirements of current standards IEC 61672 and IEC 61620
Indoors, outdoors or on customer premises 
Sound level meters 
  • Class 1 requirements of current standards IEC 61672 and IEC 61620
Indoors, outdoors or on customer premises 
Outdoor test track 
  • Measurement hemisphere radius up to 10 meters;
  • Asphalt runway, concrete runway for jackhammers or concrete breakers, wire-mesh runway for container roll-outs;

Dedicated to large materials/equipments;

Semi-anechoic chamber for testing under controlled environmental conditions;

Outdoor equipment noise measurement





LNE's semi-anechoic room

Semi-anechoic room for tests under controlled environmental conditions

Measuring equipment noise

Measuring equipment noise outdoors

Regulations and standards

LNE provides sound level measurements in accordance with the following regulations and standards:

  • ISO 3744;
  • ISO 3745, ISO 3746;
  • MIL-STD-740-1, MIL-STD-1474;
  • IEC 60601-1;
  • NF EN ISO 7779;
  • Outdoor Noise Directive 2000/14/EC;
  • UK Regulations 2001 No. 1701;
  • Directive 2005/88/EC;
  • Machine Directive 2006/42/EC.
CE Marking and UKCA Marking

Through its subsidiary LNE-GMED UK, an Approved Body accredited by UKAS and appointed by the UK government ("Approved Body" UKAB 8521*), LNE Group issues the UKCA certificate for products covered by the Environmental Noise Regulations 2001.

To enable you to place your products on both the European and UK markets, LNE carries out a joint assessment in accordance with Directive 2000/14 and UK Regulations 2001 No 1701.

To find out more, see our webinar "Directive 2000/14/EC on exterior noise: measuring equipment noise emissions and CE and UKCA marking" (This webinar is currently available in French, but an English version is coming soon).

Find out more about UKCA marking


NEW! Conformity testing to ISO 3744 and Annex III of Directive 2000/14/EC is now carried out under COFRAC* Essais accreditation no. 1-0606.

*List of sites and scopes available at www.cofrac.fr

Products concerned

LNE can carry out acoustic tests on all types of equipment, such as:

  • Military equipment;
  • Telecommunications racks;
  • Gardening equipment;
  • Air conditioning systems;
  • Medical devices;
  • Alarms;
  • Hardware;
  • Portable tools;
  • Appliances;
  • Road equipment;
  • Construction equipment;

Why choose LNE Group? 

The only European notified body to offer a complete range of outdoor equipment assessment services (noise emission measurements, CE and UKCA certificates of conformity, in-process inspections).

Participation of its experts in regular standardization committees (ISO and Afnor): AFNOR S30B and ISO/TC43/SC1WG28

In charge of studies for the French Ministry of the Ecological Transition and the European Commission (inter-laboratory comparisons, development of test codes, control measurements, etc.).

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