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Innovation assistance

For industries and institutions alike, LNE deploys solutions that meet their needs in the areas of innovation, product quality/performance control and competitiveness. In relying on a collaborative dynamic generated alongside industrial actors, metrology laboratories and research centers, our experts offer methodological and operational support on complex and innovative projects, in addition to providing expert guidance and technical assistance in assorted fields.

A metrological, measurement or testing obstacle can give rise to substantial economic challenges. This obstacle may sometimes directly relate to current events, in particular regarding the health and environmental protection of residents or the promotion of scientific progress.

Our experts provide support to industries operating in more traditional sectors or in high-tech, by devising customized solutions that extend from the process evaluation stage through to final validation of the product or system.

Development of instrumentation and methods, advice during measurement system implementation, design functions using modeling and simulation tools are just some of the resources available for our clients to pursue their ambitions of creating, innovating and growing.

Support for innovation and measurement engineering

Technical assistance for your entire spectrum of projects, which necessitate specific technical competences capable of incorporating measurement and expertise:

  • Analysis of measurement or test methodologies and protocols (functional analysis, AMDEC risk analysis method, etc.)
  • Statistical and uncertainty calculations
  • Technical studies
  • Measurements and metrological study dedicated to defining measurement test benches
  • Simulation and modeling
  • Defect analysis and court-appointed expert assessment.

Within the framework of our transfers and developments to benefit industry, we propose a number of partner-based research contracts to devise and validate new products and new methods: R&D contracts, testing and measurement services, access to professional platforms and expertise.

A collaborative research approach also makes it possible to share financing and resources in the execution of specific works.

Design engineering

LNE has assembled a unique level of expertise that combines metrology, testing and certification.

In the specifications drawn up with clients, we study the feasibility of your project and make available our capability to design and manufacture customized measurement test benches.

We are also capable of proposing comprehensive strategies, by virtue of collaboration among several teams of specialists spanning multiple fields of competence.

Product development advisory services

Your research efforts entail conducting tests and evaluating the performance of your product in accordance with current standards. Our teams are on hand to accompany you in assembling the bibliographical references and regulatory document study required for implementation. In addition to the potential for running testing campaigns, we can assist you with product development studies, provide technical solutions and guide you to a thorough understanding of standards and regulations.

Examples of experiences tying innovative research to stated industrial needs


The increasing use of nanomaterials has raised a number of burning questions. Heavily committed to this topic for a good ten years, LNE has equipped itself with several platforms capable of characterizing nanomaterials, even those in aerosol form. LNE researchers and experts offer support to both public authorities and industries in their quest for responsible approaches to innovation. They have already accompanied the firm Nanobiotix, a pioneer in the field of nanomedicine, which uses hafnium oxide nanoparticulates for targeted radiotherapy. Our teams are also involved in many other projects. Examples include: INNOVIP, a project aimed at developing a new generation of insulating materials featuring multifunctional nanomaterial-based coatings; and the Nanocoat project, pursuing an application of nanomaterials to improve properties that effectively block packaging gases.

Our CARMEN and MONA platforms perform a broad cross-section of measurements and characterizations of the nanomaterials present in the food processing industry and moreover assist industries (both manufacturers and distributors) either ready to commit - or which have already committed - to the use of nanomaterials.

Digital applications

The issue of trust in digital technologies is being raised more frequently these days, and one of LNE's missions is to address this issue. As regards automated information processing, our experts seek to develop common benchmarks that serve to evaluate the reliability of such processing systems. They have produced an initial evaluation software prototype, along with two complementary tools intended to evaluate software specialized in data fusion and heterogeneous data processing, named respectively DATOMATIC and EVALOMATIC.


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