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Reaction to fire tests - Furnishing and construction products

Fire resistance tests in the building sector include all French regulatory evaluations (M classification, AM18), as well as the European regulatory ranking (Euroclasses, ignitability, Higher Calorific Value, non-combustibility). LNE offers manufacturers a comprehensive range of tests to enable them to meet regulatory requirements and market their products in Europe.

Placing construction products on the market

In order to be placed on the market, construction or furnishing products must meet performance requirements in terms of reaction to fire. Reaction to fire is defined as the ability of a product or material to sustain an external fire by its own combustion. The risk of spreading an existing fire to other parts of the building is assessed by testing the product under thermal loads. This is called fire rating. The purpose of these assessments is to prevent the rapid development of a fire and to enable people to be evacuated. To date, different types of classification coexist in France: the French M classification and loss of mass, and the European Euroclass classification. LNE carries out a wide range of tests to obtain these classifications.

Proposed reaction to fire tests 

  • M classification of rigid materials, (NF P 92-501, 504, 505 and 507)
  • M  classification for flexible materials, (NF P 92-503, 504, 505 and 507

The M classification allows the reaction to fire of the product to be assessed by quantifying its capacity to sustain a fire. This classification is established following a standardised test during which the product is exposed to a source of heat, using a device called an epiradiator. The test measures flammability, flame height and ignition time.

Euroclass classification tests

  • Euroclass classification at SBI, (EN 13823)
  • Euroclass classification of floor coverings, (EN 9239-1)

The " Euroclass " classification is a reaction classification system common to all countries of the European Union. It distinguishes between seven classes, separating floor coverings (which are considered different) and other materials. The Euroclasses tests are more comprehensive than the M classification because they take into account the smoke generated as well as any sprayed droplets. In order to obtain the CE marking to place their products on the European market, manufacturers must therefore have their performance evaluated according to this Euroclass system.

AM 18 tests

  • Loss of mass on upholstered seats (NF D 60-013) 

The loss of mass test is used to evaluate the reaction to fire of upholstered seats installed in rows and/or fixed to the floor. This test makes it possible to determine the non propagation of a fire between the seats but also to define a quantity of mass not to be exceeded for an upholstered seat.

Other reaction to fire tests

  • Non-combustibility performance (EN 1182)
  • Ignitability (EN 11925)
  • Determination of Higher Calorific Value (ISO 1716)

Resources available

In response to client demand, we are able to deploy the following equipment:

Instrument Specifications
Epiradiator booth for stiff material "M classification
  • Measurement of ignition time and duration 
  • Flame height 
  • Index q evaluation

Electric burner 

  • Destroyed lenght and width
  • Combustion period
Ignitability and flame persistence test bench
  • Ignition period
  • Propagation speed
Test bench for determining the fall of burning droplets
  • Ignition time and duration 
  • Observation of falling burning droplets
  • Ignition of cotton fabric
Test bench for determining the higher calorific  value 
  • PCS

Test bench for determining non-combustibility performance (non-combustibility oven)

  • Temperature 
  • Mass
  • Ignition period 
Test bench for determining the floor covering Euroclass (floor radiating panel )
  • Flame propagation 
  • Energy flow 
  • Integrated smoke value 
SBI ( single burning item ) Euroclass test bench 
  • Flame propagation 
  • Energy flow 
  • Rate of smoke development 

MBI Medium ( Medium burning item ) 

  • Flame propagation 
  • Energy flow 
  • Smoke development rate 

Mass loss bench 

  • Loss of mass 
  • Ignition time 
  • Width destroyed 


Applicable regulations

The proposed set of tests are capable of satisfying a wide array of standards, including:

  • NF EN 13501
  • NF P 92-507, NF P 92-501, NF P 92-503, NF P 92-504, NF P 92-505,
  • NF EN ISO 1716,
  • NF EN ISO 1182,
  • NF EN ISO 9239-1,
  • NF EN 13823,
  • NF EN ISO 11925-2,
  • NF ISO 21367,
  • NF D 60-013
  • Order issued on September 10th 1970, Protocol adopted to apply the order issued on September 10th 1970, Technical Instruction IT 249 - Section 5.3, in accordance with the order issued on May 24th 2010.
  • Order of 21 November 2002 on the reaction to fire of construction and fitting-out products
  • Order of 6 March 2006 approving various provisions supplementing and amending the safety regulations against the risks of fire and panic in establishments open to the public

Products involved

  • Construction products and building materials (insulation, wood panels, ITE, windows, doors, PVC piping, etc.)
  • Furnishing products and products used for decorative purposes (wallpaper, chairs, tables, carpets, fabrics (curtains, sheers, wall hangings, etc.), stretch ceilings (PVC film stretched across the ceiling) or suspended ceilings (office tiles), etc.)
  • Facade systems
  • Seating in rows and/or fixed to the floor

Additional services

  • Technical assistance to evaluate the fire performance of your products toImprove the quality of your products
    • Prepare you for future technical challenges
    • Validate your specifications for your purchases
    • Understand the behaviour of materials
  • Product certification :
    • CE marking
    • NF marks

Why choose LNE

  • Recognized expert in the field of fire and in the qualification of construction and fitting-out products
  • Notified body n°0071 for affixing the CE mark in accordance with European regulation n° 305/2011 on construction products
  • Laboratory approved as a testing laboratory for the fire behaviour of materials by the decree of 05/02/1959 modified by the decree of 21/11/2002 relating to the reaction to fire of construction and fitting-out products
  • Mandated by Afnor within the framework of the NF mark to deliver the marks...


LNE clients testify

Concernant les normes et textes réglementaires, mon interlocutrice principale, experte en sécurité incendie, ainsi que l’équipe du LNE dédiée aux essais feu en charge de mon dossier, m’ont procuré un accompagnement ainsi qu’une assistance technique tout à fait remarquables.

CEO, Geolam

Le LNE est le seul à avoir les compétences techniques et les équipements pour faire des essais complets de marquage CE des produits isolants thermiques industriels.

Jean-Philippe COIN
Responsable Qualité Sécurité Environnement - Ouest Isol

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