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Fire resistance testing - Buildings

Fire resistance tests in the building sector include all French regulatory evaluations (ranking of both stiff "M" and flexible "M"), as well as the European regulatory ranking (Euroclasses, ignitability, Higher Heating Value, non-combustibility).

Proposed services

The LNE Laboratory is capable of proposing various services, including:

  • Stiff material "M" ranking,
  • Flexible material "M" ranking,
  • Euroclass SBI ranking tests,
  • Euroclass floor ranking tests,
  • Non-combustibility performance,
  • Ignitability tests,
  • Tests to determine the Higher Heating Value,
  • Full-scale test for LEPIR II facade systems.

Resources available

In response to client demand, we are able to deploy the following equipment:


Instrument Specifications

Epiradiator booth for stiff material "M" ranking

  • Measurement of ignition time and duration
  • Flame height
  • Index q evaluation
Electric burner
  • Destroyed length and width
  • Combustion period
Ignitability and flame persistence test bench
  • Ignition period
  • Propagation speed
Test bench for determining the fall of burning droplets
  • Ignition time and duration
  • Observation of falling burning droplets
  • Ignition of cotton fabric
Test bench for determining the higher heating value
  • PCS
Test bench for determining non-combustibility performance (non-combustibility oven)
  • Temperature
  • Mass
  • Ignition period
Test bench for determining the floor Euroclass (floor radiating panel)
  • Flame propagation
  • Energy flow
  • Integrated smoke value
SBI (single burning item) Euroclass test bench
  • Flame propagation
  • Energy flow
  • Rate of smoke development
Ignitability test bench
  • Measurement of ignition time and duration
  • Flame height
  • Possibility of incorporating additional gas analyses by means of FTIR
LEPIR II test bench
  • Measurement of ignition time and duration
  • Measurement of the radiated flux
  • Measurement of flame propagation
  • Flame height
  • Possibility of incorporating additional instruments


Applicable regulations

The proposed set of tests are capable of satisfying a wide array of standards, including:

  • NF P 92-507, NF P 92-501, NF P 92-503, NF P 92-504, NF P 92-505,
  • NF EN ISO 1716,
  • NF EN ISO 1182,
  • NF EN ISO 9239-1,
  • NF EN ISO 13823,
  • NF EN ISO 11925-2,
  • Order issued on September 10th 1970, Protocol adopted to apply the order issued on September 10th 1970, Technical Instruction IT 249 - Section 5.3, in accordance with the order issued on May 24th 2010.

Products involved

  • Construction products,
  • Building industry products used for decoration purposes,
  • Facade systems.
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