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Sectors covered

Within an increasingly restrictive environment, LNE advises companies in their strategy to enhance competitiveness and innovation. Regardless of their primary market segment, the companies seeking guidance are armed with a set of targeted solutions in the technical, regulatory and scientific fields capable of meeting their challenges.

Our method: Mobilization within our five areas of specialization (research and transfer, technical assistance,
testing and calibration, certification, training and information) of the human and technical resources required to propose solutions adapted to each need being expressed.

Our clients: Companies operating in the sectors of construction, transportation, energy, defense, medical, industry, instrumentation, consumption and distribution, whether in France, Europe or further afield, as well as public sector agencies and authorities.

Building industry and Construction materials

Merging performance and sustainable development

The keywords are performance, innovation and compliance. Manufacturers, architects, builders, energy suppliers or consulting firms must meet the challenges posed by safety, quality and energy efficiency.
LNE has multi-fold mission of accompaniment: research and transfer, technical assistance, testing and calibration, certification, and comprehensive project management in order to achieve objectives:

  • Compliance of products and materials with regulatory requirements: RPC, RT 2012, ERP, EUP, COV, Energy Performance Directive, etc.
  • Record of meeting marketing deadlines
  • Control over costs and production processes.

Consumer goods

Combining safety, performance and compliance

LNE is France's main technical body dedicated to testing and evaluating the quality and safety of products and equipment used by the General Public, whether inside the household or for the community at large. Our offer is intended for all concerned: manufacturers, distributors, local authorities, public powers, etc.

Quality is evaluated in all aspects:

  • ability to fulfil the function (mechanical, chemical and electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility),
  • use performance (in the laboratory or with consumers),
  • energy consumption,
  • sustainability.

Our service offer is aimed at consultancy firms, heads of quality control and corporate procurement, distributors, consumer organizations, local authorities, and market regulation agencies.

The targeted fields

  • children (toys and articles associated with childcare)
  • sports and leisure, home improvement, gardening
  • audio-video-photo-multimedia
  • household products and equipment (e.g. aerosols, electrical appliances, detergents),
  • automobile accessories
  • hygiene and health protection products (dentalware, contraceptives) as well as self-diagnosis tools.



LNE Asia is a subsidiary of the National Metrology and Testing Laboratory (LNE) located in Hong Kong. Created in 2001, LNE ASIA assists local industries in satisfying product compliance needs and moreover proposes in collaboration with a network of certified technical partners:

  • production control
  • inspection
  • testing
  • audits
  • technical assistance
  • product compliance assistance

Its field of action encompasses the industries of toy making, food processing, tool manufacture, gardening, small electrical appliances, lighting fixtures and the culinary arts.

For further information, please consult the website www.lne-asia.com

Medical - Healthcare

Reconciling innovation and regulation

The medical sector is constantly evolving, both in terms of patient needs and demands placed in the areas of quality, security and even innovation. The people involved in the health industry actors are permanently obliged to remain competitive and work under scientific, economic as well as health-related constraints while meeting both national and international regulatory requirements. The objective of LNE is to guarantee the security of healthcare system providers, users and patients.

A rapidly transforming sector

In recent years, the medical device market has undergone considerable expansion with a tremendous growth in connected objects as well as the widespread development of medical robotics. Prevention also lies at the heart of our concerns: the reliability of analyses and other diagnostic tools constitutes a major public health challenge. LNE is on hand to guide those operating in the relevant key sectors, namely:

  • Manufacturers of medical devices and their subcontractors,
  • Pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries,
  • Public health facilities: clinics, hospitals, and medical analysis laboratories.

Your specific challenges

  • Competitiveness: A single, specialized contact person assigned to handle all your certifications
  • Innovation and R&D: Personalized accompaniment
  • Compliance: Multidisciplinary expertise

Research in the health field

LNE works in close collaboration with many agencies, including the National Agency for Medicines and Health Products Safety (ANSM) and the High Health Authority (HAS), as well as with industrial partners in pursuit of:

  • Advancing test methods for devices that incorporate new materials or for hospital equipment that make use of new technologies.
  • Developing methods focused on measurement reliability and the characterization of healthcare equipment and products.
  • Stimulating proposals for updating standards and benchmarks.

Code of Conduct

Since 2011, LNE, as a member of the "TEAM-NB" Association of Notified Bodies, has been one of the initiators of the "Code of Conduct for Notified Bodies", whose objective is to create a set of requirements that facilitate the establishment of a consistent level of quality among the notified bodies and thereby instill greater confidence in the EC marking placed on medical devices.

Public institutions / authorities

Facing all the challenges competently

For public authorities, issues related to the environment, sustainable development and the provision of safe high-quality services to residents are all considered critical challenges. To face these challenges adequately, authorities have undertaken approaches along the lines of Agenda 21, the Territorial Energy Climate Plan (PCET) or improved interfacing with the public in public institutions.

Your specific challenges

  • Environmental impact
  • Security / Health
  • Quality of public services
  • Performance / Reliability

Energy and the environment

In pursuit of an energy-efficient and sustainable world

Climate disruption, scarcity of natural resources, environmental protection: to meet these challenges, companies and public authorities have been emphasizing the path towards innovation. When confronted with energy and environmental-related problems, these stakeholders find solutions through advice and guidance offered by our experts and researchers:

  • in the energy sector: nuclear energy, gas, oil and renewable sources (hydro-electricity, solar energy and wind power)
  • for the environment: the fields of water, air and wastes.

Your specific challenges

The expertise developed by LNE serves to provide adapted and innovative solutions to both institutional and industrial stakeholders:

  • Innovation
  • Reliability / Scalability / Durability
  • Safety / Regulatory compliance
  • Prevention / Monitoring
  • Cost optimization / Market positioning

Our accompaniment service

LNE's service offer spans all stages of the product and equipment life cycle: both fundamental and applied research, technical assistance, testing, certification, implementation of quality assurance and organizational processes, expert appraisals, training, etc.

Packaging and conditioning

Striking the right balance between risk management and performance

The challenges inherent in food safety, domestic controls, environmental protection or transportation as regards the packaging and conditioning of products, foodstuffs or equipment are the concern of all industrial users involved: materials manufacturers, packaging assemblers and users, and shippers.

To cope with these challenges: industrial and project-based studies, design assistance, tests and analyses, training and certification all contribute solutions.

All packaging materials face scrutiny

  • plastics, material complexes and composites, metals,
  • glass,
  • paper-cardboard, wood, cork,
  • all types of primary packaging or compositions, in addition to packaging components.

A cross-disciplinary concern with a set of objectives all its own

  • Food processing: Overseeing quality, both in terms of health and hygiene, of your packaging,
  • Hygiene, beauty, health: Developing high-performance packaging adapted to your products,
  • Household cleaning products: Producing the Safety Data Sheet and verifying the compliance of labels affixed to hazardous product packaging, testing your "child-proof packaging" by an accredited body,
  • Industrial products: Ensuring the protection of your packaged equipment during the various stages of transportation, storage and distribution,
  • Transportation of hazardous products: Verifying the regulatory compliance of your hazardous merchandise packaging by a body certified by the Ministry of Transportation.

Defense and security

Compliance with defense industry benchmarks

For all countries, current issues regarding defense and security policy have become key challenges and entail:

  • defense and security of the national territory, through use among other strategies of nuclear dissuasion,
  • international responses to help manage conflicts flaring up around the world,
  • preservation of order and security for citizens.

Your specific challenges

LNE provides responses that are well adapted to all parties involved in defense (army, military contractors, research centers, Ministry of Defense, etc.) as well as in security (police, gendarme services, customs, etc.) in addressing their specific challenges:

  • Innovation
  • Reliability / Scalability / Durability
  • Safety / Regulatory compliance
  • Prevention / Monitoring
  • Cost optimization / Market positioning


Moving around in complete safety

The transportation sector has been expressing increasing requirements relative to the safety, performance and competitiveness of its equipment. Manufacturers, transformers, suppliers and distributors of both materials and components are in need of global solutions regardless of their sector of activity, whether it be the rail, aeronautical, maritime or automobile industry.
LNE's service offer spans all stages of the product and equipment life cycle: 

  • fundamental and applied research
  • technical assistance, testing, certification
  • implementation of quality assurance and organizational processes
  • expert appraisals
  • training
Testing safety


Check the suitability for use of products and materials
  • simulation of environmental constraints (climatic, mechanical, electromagnetic, corrosion, etc.),
  • chemical and physico-chemical analyses (infrared spectrometry, paint resistance, etc.),
  • ergonomics.


Mastering the manufacturing processes and guaranteeing the quality of your products
  • metrology: connection, calibration of your measurement instruments and your sensors, supply of test benches and specific measurement devices,
  • training.


Other industries

Meeting all the challenges

Process industries and manufacturers are regularly confronted with a double challenge: reconciling the performance of their means of production with increasingly complex national and international regulatory constraints. We offer customized solutions at all stages of the product and equipment life cycle by accompanying you during your efforts. This multidisciplinary competence, which combines research and development, technical and regulatory assistance, testing, certification, quality and organizational process audits, expert appraisals, training and more, tackles all of the problems raised in these areas.

Your specific challenges

  • Innovation
  • Reliability and operational security
  • User safety and product regulatory compliance
  • Industrial risks and environmental protection
  • Cost reduction and quality improvements on production chains.