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Whether the approach be voluntary or imposed by regulation, product certification and management system certification have now become both complementary and interdependent.

Certification is now considered an essential tool for companies facing major challenges. It demonstrates compliance to their target markets, instills confidence in clients over the long run, guarantees product safety and performance among buyers and consumers, etc. Companies require a partner who is not only equipped with a comprehensive approach to performing the necessary protocols and evaluations but also capable of reducing both the internal and external costs associated with company-related certifications.
Within the scope of a voluntary or regulatory protocol, the certification of products and services (covering over 60 families of products) on the one hand and management systems on the other meets the demands being placed by French, European, American or Asian markets. Our auditors are experienced and qualified to internvene in all industries: packaging, medical, transportation, and construction.

Types of certifications awarded

EC marking (for more than 20 Directives), certifications ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, ISO 13485 (medical field), etc. LNE awards the following certifications (list non-exhaustive): LNE Packaging, LNE Sites and polluted soils, Fund handling systems, French Standard "NF" branding, ACERMI Certificate and GS branding.


Quality policy and doctrine of impartiality

A declaration has been issued by the Director regarding quality policy in the areas of certification, suppliers qualification and impartiality.

Specific rules for use LNE Certification guarantee marks

Management system certification

Medical-Healthcare: Critical stakes

In a context shaped by increasing internationalization shortening the period required to bring products and services to market, in compliance with both European and foreign regulations, LNE/G-MED teams are contributing their expertise in the Medical and Healthcare sectors. The heightened technical sophistication of medical devices also creates a bona fide challenge in any compliance strategy.

The ISO 14001 environmental certification

By committing yourself to an environmental focus, you are demonstrating your desire to mitigate your company's environmental impact and moreover your concerns over its regulatory compliance. You are displaying to neighbors and elected officials to protecting your immediate environment to neighbors and elected officials while reassuring your clients, shareholders, investors and local public authorities.

Mastering information security - ISO 27001 Standard, ANSSI benchmarks

Information security refers to the group of measures adopted to prevent the unauthorized use, misuse, modification or refusal to use an entire set of knowledge, facts, data or resources. Within a globalized and virtual economy, information security has become a strategic asset.

Key figures

Over 10,000 days of audits and evaluations completed each year across the five continents.