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The NF Ladders mark differentiates you from your competitors with additional guarantees in terms of use, strength and durability of your product. Tested under critical conditions, NF certified ladders provide professionals with ease of use and limited risk ascent.

Presentation of the certification

Including annual inspections and factory and laboratory tests, the NF Ladders mark is synonymous with confidence for users and significantly reduces the risk of falling.

Cyclic tests in unfavourable situations ensure the durability of ladders and their resistance over time.

Each safety device must comply with the NF EN 131 standards and with requirements defined for various specific fields of application (fire and rescue services, fixed ladders).

How is it done?

Tests and measurements are regularly carried out on ladders sampled on site or from distributors in order to verify the accuracy of the announced characteristics:

  • Safety of hanging devices
  • Safety of the hinge-joints
  • Mechanical resistance of the hinge-joints
  • Stability assured regardless the height
  • Easy deployment

The quality control system set up by the manufacturer is also controlled in order to ensure consistency in the quality of the ladders produced.

Why opt for the NF Ladders mark?

By placing the NF mark on your ladders, you give your customers the certainty to have:

  • ladders that have proven themselves on the European market;
  • the best category of ladders available in terms of :
    • prevention of slipping,
    • resistance to breakage,
    • versatility and ability to adapt to different situations,
  • the consistency of the quality of your ladders.

Getting certified

Consult the certification rules which define the framework for the management of the certification, including the scope, the requirements to be met by the applicant/registrant, the modalities of admission, monitoring and stakeholders. Certification is governed by Part 3 of the Certification Rules.