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In the current context of permanent innovation and a wide range of pressure cookers available on the market, the NF Cooking brand covers the majority of existing devices and serves to guarantee the quality, performance and safety of your products, in addition to preventing all risks related to their use, including in the end user's environment.

Presentation of the certification

The NF brand provides additional quality guarantees with respect to the European Pressurized Equipment Directive applicable to your products, thereby enabling you to stand out from the competition.

How does the brand work?

The NF Cooking brand is based on controlling the quality system and the test resources and methods implemented by the manufacturer, as well as on regularly testing for compliance of products sampled in the retail sector. These control and testing steps are performed at the COFRAC-accredited LNE Laboratory in order to guarantee your clients (large and small retailers) that your products continuously meet the requirements found in French Standard NF EN 12778 and all the identified inherent characteristics.

The examinations and tests conducted pertain to :

  • Food compatibility of all materials used
  • Safety at all times, upon closing, during operations and upon opening
  • Pressure resistance
  • Heat insulation of the handles
  • Information for both use and maintenance
  • Value of the characteristics stated by the manufacturer
  • Capacity
  • Diameter of the bottom
  • Pot material
  • Marking

Why opt for the NF Cooking brand?

By affixing the NF brand on your products, you're certain of supplying your clients with :

Obtaining certification

Consult the rules defining the scope of certification management, namely: the field of application, the set of requirements to be respected by the applicant/owner, the certification granting and monitoring protocol, and the stakeholders. Certificate issuance is overseen by Part 3 of the certification rules.


  • pressure cookers that are tried and tested on the European market and whose compliance with Standard EN 12778 is being permanently verified by an independent body (namely LNE)
  • pressure cookers that satisfy consumers' full range of expectations (stated capacity, ergonomics, heating sources, type of materials, etc.)
  • consistency in the quality of finished products
  • pressure cookers at a fair price that may be compared on an objective basis and whose higher price relative to a non-NF product is by and large compensated by the guaranteed quality and safety performance.
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