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NF branded Oil Storage - Plastic tanks

NF branded Oil Storage - Plastic tanks provides the guarantee of tank quality by virtue of a effective and controlled production process, coupled with comprehensive information on both tank characteristics and the special conditions surrounding their installation. NF-certified tanks take advantage of experience spanning more than 40 years and contribute to protecting the environment by offering the possibility of safe and convenient storage.

Presentation of the certification

The NF certification attests to the compliance of plastic tanks with Standards EN 13341, XP M88-561 and NF M88-554, complemented by technical specifications that serve to strengthen the level of certified quality. The set of requirements that must be met are described in the NF388 certification rules.

NF-branded Oil Storage - Plastic tanks apply to the manufacturers of above-ground tanks made of extruded-blown or rotomolded polyethylene, as well as to the manufacturers of above-ground tanks.

The materials used must have received prior recognition for above-ground tanks.

Obtaining certification

Consult the rules defining the scope of certification management, namely: the field of application, the set of requirements to be respected by the applicant/owner, the certification granting and monitoring protocol, and the stakeholders. Certificate issuance is overseen by Part 3 of the certification rules.