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Permeability of materials, packaging and industrial products

Materials and packaging materials may come into contact with to food, medicines or cosmetics or othermore they are used in industrial environments (medical, buildings). LNE can provide you with its expertise and skills to qualify or assess the performance of your products and materials in the field of gas or water vapour transfer phenomena.

Proposed services

Among the proposed characterisations:

  • Barrier properties - gas permeability on plastic/aluminium materials and single or multi-layer packaging:
    • to water vapour
    • to oxygen
    • to carbon dioxide
  • Adapted temperature (ambient, low or high temperature)
  • CO2 losses on capped sparkling or still wine bottles (standardised test)
  • Technical expertise in the design of your packaging or finished products.

Resources available

To satisfy these testing needs, the LNE Laboratory features the following set of instruments:

    Instrumentation Specification Instrumentation use
    MOCON OXTRAN 2/20, 2/21 and OXTRAN 2/22 L permeability analyser

    Temperature: 10 to 40°C  

    Humidity: 0% RH or 35% to 90% RH

    Permeability : 

    • 0.005 to 2000 cm3/m2.24h
    • 0.00005 to 1.0 cm3/package per 24 hours
    Oxygen permeability on films, materials or shaped packaging
    Systech 8000 permeability analyser

    Temperature: 5 to 50°C

    Humidity: 0% RH or 20% to 90% RH

    Permeability: 0.008 to 432,000 cm3/m2. per 24 hours

    Oxygen permeability on films, materials or shaped packaging
    Gas chromatograph coupled to an FID detector and a methanation furnace

    Limit of quantification: 1.5 ppm V/V CO2

    Humidity possible on 1 side

    Carbon dioxide permeability on films, materials or shaped packaging, measurement of carbon dioxide losses through capping
    MOCON PERMATRAN W3/33MG+ permeability analyser

    Temperature: 10 to 50°C

    Humidity: 5% to 100% RH

    Permeability :

    • from 0.005 to 5700 g/m2 per 24 hours
    • from 0.000025 to 2.85 g/package per 24 hours
    Water vapour permeability on films, materials or shaped packaging
    Climate chamber

    Temperature: -40 to +180°C

    Humidity: 10% to 98% RH

    Characterised under standard test conditions

    Water vapour permeability on films, materials or packaging formed by gravimetric method
    Single head capper for 29mm crown cork

    Capping pressure: 4412N

    Types of bottle :

    • 1/2 bottle to magnum
    Preparation of cylinders for carbon dioxide loss measurements




    • NF ISO 2528,
    • T54-130,
    • ASTM E96/96M,
    • ASTM D3985,
    • ASTM F 1927,
    • ASTM  F 1307,
    • ASTM F2622,
    • ISO 15105-2,
    • ASTM F1249,
    • NF EN ISO 7783,
    • USP 38,
    • EN 1062-6,
    • NF EN ISO 12572,
    • NF EN 13726-2,
    • NF EN 1931…

    Products concerned

    Sheets, complex films for packaging, objects and consumer products intended to be in contact with foodstuffs, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals or intended for construction (insulating products, coatings, paints and varnishes, etc.) but also used in the medical sector (implantable or external medical devices).