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In the field of legal metrology, LNE plays a role at the European level in evaluating the compliance of measurement instruments and IPFNA (non-automatic instruments) falling under the jurisdiction of Directives 2014/32/EU (MID) and 2014/31/EU. At the French level, LNE issues instrument type examination certificates, design drawing approvals and installation verifications, in addition to approving the quality management systems of manufacturers, repairers or installers of these instruments. The Laboratory also issues OIML compliance certificates.

The field of legal metrology

Legal metrology encompasses all regulatory provisions introduced by public authorities at the national as well as European levels in order to guarantee the quality of measurement instruments being employed:

  • for commercial transactions (retail price computing scales, gasoline pumps, water meters, etc.),
  • for certain operations potentially jeopardizing public health or safety (gas analyzers, tachographs, speed control devices - radar, breathalyzers, etc.).

Such controls are carried out in several stages:

  • design validation (type examination, design inspection)
  • manufacturing validation (first-stage verification)
  • use validation (inspection of instruments in operation).

LNE's role

LNE is heavily involved at the French, European and international levels in the capacity of:

Notified body in Europe, for:

  • evaluating measurement instruments falling under the jurisdiction of Directive 2014/32/EU (MID) for the majority of compliance evaluation modules (EU type examination, EU unit verification, quality assurance of the manufacturing process or comprehensive quality assurance for manufacturers),
  • evaluating the compliance of IPFNA (acronym for Non-Automatic Weighing Instruments), as per Directive 2014/31/EU, for EU type assessments, EU unit verifications, and manufacturers' quality management system approvals.

French body designated by the Ministry of Industry within the scope of enacting Decree No. 2001-387, for:

Authority to issue OIML compliance certificates at the international level.

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