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Service of controlling dimensional readings and geometric tolerances

Calibrating your measurement instruments provides visibility with respect to the International System of units and moreover ensures the traceability of all your measurements. This approach satisfies the requirements of your quality system. Our three-dimensional and optical measurement instruments make it possible to control and calibrate all kinds of parts, be they standard or custom.

Proposed calibration services

Control of dimensional readings on mechanical parts or specific standards

Service and expert appraisal applicable to any type of part and standard.
Contactless probing measurements by means of an optical process.
Examples: dimensional readings, shape / position / orientation tolerances, etc...
Measurement volume: up to 2,500 x 1,300 x 1,000 mm on 3D machines (MMT) and 500 x 400 x 250 mm on optical machines (MMO).
Measurement uncertainty depending on both the part dimension and type of measurement being controlled.

Services on standard elements

Examples :

  • Determination of the marble planeness and topographic defects
  • Determination of the flat glass planeness defect
  • Determination of the steel or granite corner perpendicularity defect
  • Determination of the cylinder-square perpendicularity defect
  • Determination of the straight-edge straightness defect
  • Determination of the radius relative to the torque bar drive shaft
  • Determination of the angular encoder reading error
  • Determination of the glass ruler engraving reading error
  • Determination of the graduated crosshairs reading error

Additional services

Possibility of issuing a verification affidavit as per the associated standard or client spec sheet.