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To calibrate your dynamometers (force sensors), LNE possesses a reference test bench spanning a wide measurement range with among the lowest uncertainty levels. The calibration of your dynamometer provides you with a certificate demonstrating the traceability of your instrument with respect to national standards. As France's National Metrology Laboratory, LNE safeguards the preservation, development and improvement of the nation's force unit as well as its transfer to industry.

Calibration services proposed

Calibration procedures are carried out by applying static standardized forces to the measurement instruments. LNE is equipped with many mechanical adaptations to ensure perfect assembly of your sensor on our reference test benches.

The maximum interval of calibrated measurements lies between: 10 N and 9,000 kN.

Three calibration procedures are available; each of them contains 8 to 12 points covering from 10% to 100% of the instrument measurement range.


Calibration as a complete procedure

  • Use: Establishing a connection among metrology or testing laboratory standards and for companies' reference or working standards.

Calibration in accordance with Standard NF EN ISO 376

  • Use: Connection of tension or compression dynamometers used to verify mechanical testing machines.

Calibration according to a simple procedure

  • Use: This procedure is applicable whenever a high use uncertainty is sufficient, e.g. 1% or more. Given that only two series of measurements are conducted, the calibration uncertainty will equal at least 0.3%.
  • Ranking: The calibration equipment characteristics yield the following ranking scale:
    • Classes 1 and 2: Dynamometer of 10 N in both tension and compression
    • Class 00 - 0.5 – 1 and 2: Up to 500 kN in tension and compression
    • Class 0.5 – 1 and 2: Up to 1,500 kN in tension and 1,000 kN in compression
    • Classes 1 and 2: Up to 9,000 kN in both tension and compression.

Accreditation details

Services backed by COFRAC Accreditation No. 2-04.

List of sites and scopes available on www.cofrac.fr

Additional services

Measurements are normally recorded on a single display device. The procedures may be modified to accommodate the needs of the client, through extra works that primarily entail:

  • an increased number of points,
  • simultaneous recording on several indicators or several gauge bridges,
  • additional calibrations on a given device (with, for example, a change in range or mechanical assembly),
  • measurement series at temperatures other than 21°C.
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