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For equipment suppliers, industries and laboratories occupied by measuring signals at frequencies capable of reaching 95 GHz, the LNE Laboratory offers a wide range of calibration services specifically for your facilities.

Proposed calibration services

High-frequency voltage calibration

  • Calibration of both high-frequency voltage and the transposition deviation.

High-frequency power calibration

  • Calibration of high-frequency diode or thermoelectric power probes, bolometric mounts and power transfer.

Calibration in a mode of frequency attenuation and reflection

  • Fixed-frequency calibration of the attenuation and reflection coefficient, calibration of calibration benches dedicated to attenuators and associated mixers.

Calibration focusing on the S parameters

Calibration of 4 Sen parameters, both their real and imaginary parts, or the amplitude and phase.
Reflection and transmission coefficients of loads, filters, attenuators, air lines, etc.

Calibration in an electromagnetic field

  • Calibration of the gain and antenna factor for Cornet antennae and periodic log
  • Calibration of the antenna factor for frame antennae
  • Calibration of the correction factor for field probes

Calibration of high-frequency measurement instruments

  • Calibration and verification of synthesizers, spectrum analyzers, CISPR receivers, attenuators, couplers, splitters/dividers, power probes.

Accreditation details

  • COFRAC Accreditation No. 2-41

List of sites and scopes available on www.cofrac.fr

  • Best calibration opportunities among France's national laboratories available on the BIPM website.