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Electrical calibration in the presence of strong currents

For equipment suppliers, energy producers, aluminum industries, steelmakers (using arc furnaces), electrical charge designers (alternator testing) or laboratories regularly working with currents reaching 30 kA, the LNE Laboratory offers a wide range of services aimed at characterizing your facilities and/or installations.

Proposed calibration services

Measurement of strong direct and alternating currents

  • Measurement of strong direct currents, with values reaching 10 kA
  • Measurement of strong alternating currents, with values reaching 30 kA / 50 Hz and 400 Hz
  • Measurement of railroad energies (16 Hz 2/3 and 400 Hz)
  • Measurement of industrial frequencies, with values reaching 400 Hz
  • On-site response at the client's premises, for currents reaching 30 kA (on-site services).

Measurement of strong pulse currents

  • Type 8/20 µs, lightning waves, with currents reaching 50 kA.

Uncertainties available either on www.cofrac.fr or upon request.

Accreditation details

  • COFRAC Accreditation No. 2-03

List of sites and scopes available on www.cofrac.fr

  • Best calibration opportunities among France's national laboratories available on the BIPM website.

Additional services

Development of dedicated measurement methods, customized training modules, expert appraisals, test bench production, and characterization of new facilities.