Calibration of optical pyrometers, infrared thermometers and heat cameras

This calibration service enables you to to own an instrument whose measurements will be entirely traceable with the SI System of Units, by virtue of synchronization backed by COFRAC accreditation.

Proposed calibration services

Your instruments may be calibrated over a temperature range extending from -20°C to 3,000°C , as well as for spectral bandwidths situated between 0.65 µm and 14 µm.

The majority of such services are carried out as part of an accredited process, offering among the best uncertainties appearing on the COFRAC or BIPM website, and then validated by results stemming from international comparisons.

Accreditation details

  • COFRAC Accreditation No. 2-02

List of sites and scopes available on

  • Best calibration opportunities among France's national laboratories available on the BIPM website.

For calibration conditions that lie outside the COFRAC scope, please contact us.

Additional services

Technical accompaniment may be proposed to suit your specific needs in terms of uncertainty or instrument environment, thanks to our extensive experience acquired through LNE's R&D activities, whether the focus pertains to calibration or measurement challenges.

We are also able to satisfy your training needs with a custom approach subsequent to discussions held with the laboratory's technical director that serve to define the specific content of the desired training program.