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For your calibration of static pressure measurement instruments, LNE possesses references extending from the ultra-vacuum all the way to the highest pressures (10,000 bar), with uncertainty among the very best levels. The calibration chain and methods deployed are synchronized with the International System of Units (SI) for nearly the entire line of pressure instruments.

Proposed calibration services

Calibration of manometric, pneumatic or hydraulic scales performed in either absolute or relative mode

Depending on the desired level of uncertainty, calibration by pressure equivalence or by determination of the efficient cross-section and strain coefficient.

Calibration of electromechanical, pneumatic or hydraulic manometers in relative, absolute or differential mode

Any type of manometer or pressure sensor with uncertainties extending to 5.10-5 of the measurement range.

Calibration of vacuum manometers and reference leaks

Range of absolute pressures from 10-6 Pa to 15 kPa:

  • Calibration by means of direct comparison for manometers of the following types: Pirani, capacitive sensor, ionization manometer, Penning;
  • Determination of the accommodation coefficient for rotating ball manometers (viscosity manometer).

Reference helium leaks

Determination of the leak due to pressure variation or by means of comparison with a standard reference leak.
Range covered from 10-10 Pa.m3.s-1 to 10-2 Pa.m3.s-1

Reference refrigerant gas leak from 1 to 60 g/year

Accreditation details

These services are provided under COFRAC Accreditation No. 2-37 and No. 2-1550.

List of sites and scopes available on www.cofrac.fr

Additional services

Calibration operations by means of direct comparison with national references are possible for connections at the highest metrological level.
Calibration at temperatures other than 20°C.
Adjustment and modeling of calibration results plus metrological verification are additional services performed upon special request.
A technical accompaniment service may be tailored to suit your specific needs.