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Supply of a reference liquid for mass density

This calibration process provides you with a certificate demonstrating the traceability of your standards with respect to the international system of units. The LNE National Metrology Laboratory safeguards the preservation, development and improvement of France's mass unit as well as its transfer to industry.

Proposed calibration services

Supply of a reference liquid with a mass density lying between 700 kg.m-3 and 1,820 kg.m-3 at a temperature ranging from 5° to 60°C.
Relative uncertainty: 5 x 10-5.

Accreditation details

These services are performed under COFRAC Accreditation No. 2-36

List of sites and scopes available on www.cofrac.fr

Additional services

The LNE Laboratory proposes an array of 6 reference liquids for mass densities ranging from 700 g/dm3 to 1,820 g/dm3. These liquids are intended to meet industry needs for the in-house calibration of electronic densimeters. The products available and their corresponding approximate mass density values at 20°C are listed below:

N-HEPTANE: 700 kg.m-3
N-TETRADECANE: 760 kg.m-3
CUMENE : 860 kg.m-3
WATER: 1,000 kg.m-3
DIBROMOBUTANE: 1,820 kg.m-3

The mass density of liquids is determined using the pycnometric method with an uncertainty on the order of ± 5.10-5.
A smaller uncertainty may also be provided, under a separate quote.
The liquids are delivered along with their safety data sheet in 250-ml, colored glass flasks.
Conservation and use conditions must be respected in order to guarantee the 6 months of calibration validity for all liquids supplied.