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Artificial Intelligence: LNE proposed as the competent authority for evaluation

On the occasion of the presentation of the report by Cédric Villani, MP for Essonne, on the National and European strategy to be adopted in the field of Artificial Intelligence, on Wednesday 29 March 2018, LNE is proposed to "become the competent authority in the field of AI evaluation".

The report stresses the need to develop the openness, reliability and security of artificial intelligence technologies, thus demonstrating that evaluation is one of the major challenges in the development of AI.


The responsibilities of the LNE could be extended in the continuity of its historical missions in order to become the competent authority for evaluation in the field of AI and to build the testing methods necessary for this purpose.

Villani Report on Artificial Intelligence

Having an independent authority like LNE will make AI a more secure, reliable and usable technology, and will guarantee users the performance, ethics, security and reliability of these systems. An independent evaluation will also support AI research, particularly in the selection and validation of technological choices.
LNE is already a trusted third party evaluator for the evaluation of AI, participating in standardization activities, organizing evaluation campaigns for the ANR and offering technical assistance to AI developers and buyers. Its expertise, in speech transcription systems as well as in robotics and deep learning, demonstrates the LNE's  ability to perform the duties of a reference evaluator.

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