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Welcome to our new site!

A better graphics interface, a more modern look

Our website is intended to introduce visitors to all the attributes that characterize the LNE Laboratory, like its expertise, its responses to your widest array of needs, the full extent of its services and the collective skills of its staff.

Access to information

You'll have the option of selecting a desired service or mission depending on your sector of activity (medical, consumer goods, etc.) or performing your own search based on a specific need.

Plus some new features:

What they're saying: Experts' topics in the news

Every year has its share of noteworthy developments that capture media attention and alert both the general public and trade professionals about societal concerns. What do such developments have in common? They relate to measurements, and our heading "What they're saying" will address these high-profile topics by hosting special reports conducted by our experts. For the launch of our revamped site, we've decided to tackle the nagging issue of the presence of mineral oils in packaging. What are the health risks? How can the phenomenon of migration to our food supply be accurately measured?


Learning opportunities

This heading, with an instructional bent, will provide you the definitions of key terms encountered during the exercise of our trade. For our site launch, you'll be able to sharpen your knowledge of the vocabulary of metrology and certification. Some definitions expound in technical depth for the benefit of experts seeking to explore the given notion in greater detail.


115 years devoted to measurements: Our grounding in history and expertise

Naturally, our history and current events are displayed on the site, including: calendar of events, upcoming forums and technical workshops, latest publications.


Enjoy your visit!

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