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March 30, 2018

Historical results in 2017

In 2017, the National Metrology and Testing Laboratory posted record operating results, confirming the financial recovery initiated in 2016 after several years of deficit.

These results will thus make it possible to pay employees a substantial incentive and launch an investment and recruitment policy committing the establishment to a future path.

In order to improve a financial situation showing a heavy deficit in 2015 (-€3.9 million), LNE adopted a new strategy in 2016. Initiated by its Managing Director Thomas Grenon and supported by the laboratory's staff, the reforms undertaken had enabled a spectacular recovery with an operating profit of €2.1 million over the same financial year.

The figures for 2017 confirm the renewed dynamism with an operating profit before profit-sharing of €5.2 million, i.e. an increase in profitability of 17 turnover points in 2 years. This performance will be turned into a  €1.9 million  profit sharing for the employees, the maximum amount set by law. This incentive,never seen before at the LNE, rewards the efforts made by the staff to enable the recovery of the company.

In M€ 2014 2015 2016 2017
Market turnover 53,4 54,0 54,7 55,2
Gross operating surplus (excluding profit-sharing) 2,0 -1,3 4,6 7,3
Operating result
(excluding profit-sharing)
-0,9 -3,9 2,3 5,2
Net income -0,8 -3,3 0,3 2,6
Operating income/(loss) -1,7% -7,2% 4,2% 9,5%


LNE is responsive to future issues and has positioned itself in several promising areas.

  • the successful launch of cash register software certification - which should continue in 2018.
  • sales of the "characterization of nanomaterials" activity increased fourfold in 2017.
  • a new service in the field of artificial intelligence was also launched in 2017. Positioning LNE as a trusted third party for the evaluation of intelligent systems.

Then, in order to support the development of its medical certification activity (G-MED) which, after astrong growth in 2016, saw its activity slow down in 2017, LNE decided to set up a branch to give it the means to better develop itself.

These excellent results and the LNE's future developments are made possible thanks to structural reforms that enabled to improve internal management, manage competitive activities by margin and exploit sources of productivity and savings.


Its recovery confirmed today, LNE is resolutely looking to the future by positioning itself on breakthrough technologies that will make the industry of tomorrow: industry of the future, artificial intelligence, nanotechnologies, cyber security... The employees, who are the actors of this success, reap the rewards of a renewed profitability through our profit-sharing scheme. Our establishment will continue its dynamic growth thanks to increased investment and recruitment, thus creating all the conditions to meet the many metrological challenges essential to industrial competitiveness and the safety of our fellow citizens.

Thomas Grenon, Director General of LNE

Press contacts

LNE : Alexandre Papin • +33 1 40 43 38 92 • alexandre.papin@lne.fr – Valérie Mulot • +33 1 40 43 40 93