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Determination of metalloproteins through isotope dilution associated with induced plasma mass spectrometry to ensure metrological traceability in clinical biochemistry

Doctoral thesis defended by Marie PALOS on December 5, 2016


Metalloproteins are especially important compounds in the area of medical diagnostics since they account for approximately 30% of all proteins. Several metalloproteins, such as hemoglobin (Hb), transferrin (Tf) or ceruloplasmin (Cp), are the principal markers for various human diseases or deficiencies. Such compounds may also be used to control medical treatment efficacy, as illustrated by total Hb in the case of anemia.

Moreover, the January 13th 2010 ordinance relative to medical biology imposes COFRAC accreditation by 2020 of all medical biology laboratories (both public and private), in accordance with Standard ISO EN 15189. This benchmark reference implies the reliance on validated procedures, whose results must be correlated with a national standard by means of an uninterrupted metrological traceability chain.

All these requirements / obligations are jointly intended to improve the comparability of analytical results stemming from medical biology from one laboratory to the next (or from one IVDMD device to the next).

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