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Development of reference methods in mass spectrometry for biomarker concentrations of Alzheimer's disease

Doctoral thesis defended by Pauline BROS on May 31st 2016


Alzheimer's disease, the most common form of dementia, has become a major public health problem. With the current concentration of biomarkers present in cephalorachidian liquid (amyloid-beta peptides, tau protein and hepcidin) offering good early-warning indicators of the appearance and evolution of Alzheimer's disease, now is the time to derive reliable measurements that are comparable both over time and among laboratories. Their metrological traceability, notably as regards the International System of units through use of primary reference methods or certified superior-grade reference materials, must be ensured.

Concentration methods for these three biomarkers have been developed by means of mass spectrometry and validated. The hepcidin standard has undergone a thorough characterization by high-resolution mass spectrometry in order to improve the accuracy of results.