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Production and characterization of measurement devices associated with determination of the von Klitzing constant from a so-called Thompson-Lampard standard calculable capacitor

Doctoral thesis defended by Ralph SINDJUI on July 1st 2016


This thesis topic lies within the scope of a recent project aimed at determining the von Klitzing constant that started up a few years ago at the LNE Laboratory, with completion scheduled during 2018.

For now, the most precise measurement of this constant, with traceability to the International  System of units (SI), has been obtained by correlating the Ohm yielded by the quantum Hall effect to the Farad, as achieved through use of a so-called Thompson-Lampard calculable capacitor. In order to improve its previous determination released in 2000 with a relative uncertainty of 5.10-8, LNE has opted to build a new Thompson-Lampard calculable standard (already under development) and raise the accuracy of all associated measurement devices, in adopting an objective of lowering overall uncertainty on this determination to a value near 10-8. This thesis work program focuses on the production, characterization and/or automation of the measurement chain tied to this determination.