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For your sources, LNE proposes a panoply of services covering a wide spectral range, extending from ultraviolet through near-wave infrared, with uncertainty values at the very best of levels. As the driver of French metrology practices, LNE's calibration chain and methods deployed are synchronized with the International System of Units (SI).

Presentation of potential services

  • Luminance source calibration in terms of luminous illumination (0.1 to 100,000 cd/m²)
  • Luminance source calibration in terms of spectral energy (350 to 1,700 nm)
  • Spectral energy lighting source calibration (300 to 1,700 nm)
  • Wavelength source calibration (200 to 1,700 nm)
  • Colorimetry source calibration (x,y, u' v', Tcp, IRC)
  • Luminous intensity source calibration (1 to 10,000 cd)
  • Luminous flux source calibration (1 to 10,000 lm)
  • Fiber-connected source calibration (wavelength, power, stability)
  • Fiber-connected reflectometer calibration (reflectance, attenuation, length).

Optional complement

  • Issuance of a verification certification,
  • Guidance / Technical assistance may be proposed as an added service depending on your needs.

Accreditation details

Services backed by COFRAC Accreditation No. 2.22.

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