A driver in the French Metrology sector endowed with the status of a notified body, LNE proposes training programs featuring a high level of technical expertise: designed, organized and hosted by its in-house experts (auditors, test engineers, metrologists, technicians, etc.), our training courses will expose you to the current regulatory and technical state-of-the-art regardless of your field of activity.

To better meet your needs, LNE conducts short training courses focused on the fundamentals across 5 fields of competence: metrology, management, safety, compliance, and packaging in the food processing industry. Let's not overlook that a major strength of this training offering consists of providing comprehensive information on current regulations.

The inter-company modules can also be oriented for intra-company sessions in order to address your needs more specifically; a curriculum leading to a "metrology manager's" certification and e-learning modules are among the possible training options to enhance your level of competence. To assist you in identifying the right choices without losing time, the training pathways indicate the course sequences needed to acquire or consolidate your current competences.

Enrolling in an LNE training course offers the opportunity to engage with active professionals possessing real skills and the desire to transmit them.

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The training pathways

Developed around 6 distinct subject areas, our training curricula and modules have been formatted in the aim of delivering the competences and tools you'll need to effectively carry out your daily operational practices.

Metrology: "Measuring well in order to decide well"

Given its cross-disciplinary and multidisciplinary nature, the activity of metrology adds quality to all of a company's technical functions. Within this subject area, two pathways are proposed:


Metrology in laboratories and corporations

To ensure that the results of measurements, tests and analyses are effective, you'll be required to:

  • Understand the concepts, methods and tools of general practices in metrology,
  • Acquire basic technical skills,
  • Manage the quality control mission inside laboratories.

Consult the metrology training pathways in laboratories and corporations (in french)


Legal metrology

Your objectives:

  • Master the fundamentals of legal metrology and the associated standardization steps,
  • Apply the notions of legal metrology to the various types of measurement instruments.

Consult the legal metrology training pathway (in french)

Management: quality / safety / environment - audits

These pathways have been designed around a series of benchmarks to provide companies with a structured framework for introducing continuing education resources, whether in the field of quality, the environment or workplace safety.

Your objectives consist of navigating, implementing or overseeing application of the following standard benchmarks: ISO 9001, ISO 17025, ISO 17020, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, etc.

Consult the management training pathways: quality / safety / environment - audits (in french)

Packaging and the food processing industry

Built around the packaging life cycle, the training pathways available under this heading offer both practical and theoretical guidance to packaging industry participants.

The topics proposed include:

  • Packaging and food safety quality,
  • Packaging and the environment,
  • Quality control,
  • Standards and benchmarks (BRC/IoP; IFS-DPH; NF EN 15593; HACCP).

Consult the training pathways dedicated to packaging and the food processing industry (in french)


For professionals working in medical devices, pharmaceuticals and medical biology laboratories, LNE has designed pathways specially tailored to meet your objectives:

  • Understanding the standards and regulatory environment of your particular field of activity,
  • Acquiring risk management techniques,
  • Applying the methodologies learned.

Consult the medical training pathways (in french)

Building trade - Construction materials

Consult our building trade - construction materials training pathways organized around three subject areas:

  • Construction material quality: quickly adapt your materials and shorten their time to market,
  • Fire safety: win contracts and enhance productivity thanks to the Fire Safety Engineering approach,
  • Energy performance and renewable energies: save time spent on project management by mastering the Grenelle environmental regulatory constraints.

Consult the building trade - construction materials training pathways (in french)

Practical information

How to get to the LNE facility: Address, contact details and access maps to our various sites

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Rules and regulations applicable to trainees (pdf in french)