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You're interested in learning more about our various missions, understanding what constitutes Metrology, or Certification? This heading has been designed for you. It provides clarification of the technical, scientific and regulatory terminology plus additional details, in familiarizing you with the definitions of this trade. For a more technical approach or deeper appreciation of a particular notion, an expert's opinion is also available.

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Toy safety, atmospheric pollution, food contamination, or nanoparticles in our food supply… every year, a number of headlines command media ...

Understanding certification

This heading is intended to expose you to the regulatory and technical terms used in the field of certification. The definitions provided herein are ...

Understanding metrology

Metrology, or the science of measurement. What exactly is it? To gain a better understanding of this field, along with insights into its scientific ...

Introduction to SI

The International System of Units (SI) consists of seven base units that were adopted worldwide by the General Conference on Weights and Measures (...
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