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Climate engineering tests

Tests conducted within the field of Climate Engineering encompass the set of measurements necessary to establish combustion and energy consumption evaluations, in the aim of determining the overall performance of various types of systems (heat pumps, heating devices). These resources are also deployed in testing the safety of using an array of product types, like smoke exhaust ducts, ethanol combustion chambers and charcoal-fired barbecues.

Proposed services

Among the services we make available in this field, please note the following :

  • Analysis of combustion products (CO, CO2, O2, dusts, etc.),
  • Measurement of thermal comfort in a climate-controlled chamber,
  • Measurement of temperatures (gases, surfaces, radiated temperatures, etc.),
  • Measurement of fuel consumption,
  • Establishment of a thermal assessment, thermal efficiency or heat pump coefficient of performance,
  • Performance tests on carbon monoxide detectors (DAACO),
  • Performance tests on oil-filled radiators, independent heating, ethanol combustion chambers,
  • Performance tests on metal smoke exhaust ducts,
  • Performance tests on charcoal-fired barbecues.

Resources available

To satisfy these testing needs, the LNE Laboratory features the following set of instruments :

Instrumentation Specifications Instrumentation use
15-m3 modular climate chamber Temperature (programmable over a cycle) :
-10°C - +35°C
Combustion gas analysis (controlled aeration)
Measurement of thermal comfort, degree of insulation under actual conditions, combustion assessment.
Well-ventilated, dedicated room for conducting a combustion assessment CO : 0-4 ppm
CO2 : 0-6%
Nox: 0-100 ppm
Burner adjustment, compliance verification of oil-filled radiators, ethanol combustion chambers
Stand-alone carbon monoxide detector test bench (DAACO) CO : 0-300 ppm
CO2 : 0-1%
RH : 30% - 90%
Performance verification
Test benches dedicated to heat pumps, domestic hot water Flow rate
Capacity : 0-300L
Performance verification (NF PAC brand)
Heat pump test benches, heating mode Power : 5-30 kW
Coefficient of performance
Acoustics (reverberating chamber)
Performance verification (NF PAC brand)
European test bench for solid fuel (charcoal)-fired barbecues Surface temperature
Radiated temperature
Dimensions, thickness
Verification of device operability
European test bench for smoke exhaust ducts Smoke temperature
Temperature of surfaces and fuel materials
Gas seal
Tests aimed at securing CE marking, technical assistance


Applicable regulations

The proposed set of tests are capable of satisfying many standards, namely :

  • NF EN 1856-1 and NF EN 1859,
  • NF D 35 300,
  • NF EN 1860-1,
  • NF EN 14 511-1 through 4,
  • NF EN 50 291,
  • NF EN 12102,
  • NF EN 16147.

Products covered

  • Heat pumps,
  • Oil-filled radiators, ethanol combustion chambers,
  • Charcoal-fired barbecues,
  • Metal smoke exhaust ducts,
  • Stand-alone carbon monoxide detectors (DAACO),
  • Combustion and/or miscellaneous heating devices.