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Mechanical behavior of materials

It may prove necessary to have complete knowledge of basic material characteristics (plastics, composites, metals, stones, etc.) and their evolution (raw materials vs. finished products) through the underlying mechanical properties, in addition to establishing material constitutive laws and documenting the set of numerical simulation parameters.

Proposed services

To effectively provide these services, we maintain access to a set of technical resources that allow characterizing:

- Both the static and dynamic mechanical properties of materials in their host environment, whether in new condition or after natural or simulated aging:

  • Tension / compression tests,
  • Shear, peeling,
  • Shock tests, creep / relaxation tests, fatigue tests.

- Properties encountered under more extreme and multifaceted environments:

  • Temperature, humidity, chemical/corrosive agents, UV.

Resources available

The set of equipment at our disposal includes:

Instrument Specifications  Instrument use
Tension / compression test bench Force: 0.01 to 600 kN
Temperature: -100 to 1,000+°C
Extensometers, strain gauge, video
Verification of specimen strength
Fatigue test bench Force: 0.01 to 25 kN
Temperature: -100 to 300+°C
Verification of specimen strength
Shock test bench Energy: 50 Joules Charpy shock test, IZOD test, shock-tension, falling mass
Creep test bench Force: 0.01 to 100 kN
Temperature: -100 to 350+°C
Deformation of a material mounted on a specimen
Micro-tension Force: 1 to 3,000 N Possible coupling to a scanning electron microscope


Applicable regulations

Our services can be adapted to comply with latest regulations or to conform with your specifications.

Products involved

These services are applicable to raw materials as well as the finished products of all market segments.