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Protection indices (IP, IK)

The determination of protection indices, as provided by electrical installation envelopes, yields an evaluation of the access to hazardous zones, the penetration of foreign solid bodies and water penetration (code: IP), as well as the degree of product protection against mechanical shocks (code: IK).

Proposed services

The LNE Laboratory has at its disposal a full set of resources capable of determining all of the following existing indices :

  • Characterizations, covering an IP index of 0X to 6X for the penetration of solid bodies,
  • Characterizations extending from X0 to X8 for water penetration,
  • Determination of the impact energy capable of being withstood by a product envelope, from IK 00 to IK 10.

Resources available

Among our various resources, let's point out :

- for the IP index :

  • drop box (rainfall),
  • water projection using a nozzle and a hoop,
  • pulsed projection using a nozzle,
  • immersion basin,
  • talc chamber,
  • test gauge (sphere, test fingers, testing rods).

- for the IK index :

  • spring-loaded shock hammers,
  • tilting shock hammers.

Applicable regulations

The proposed set of tests are capable of satisfying many standards, notably :

  • NF EN 60529 (IP),
  • NF EN 62262 (IK),
  • Low Voltage Directive,
  • Medical Directive.

Products covered

All electrical, electronic and protection envelope products.