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Fire resistance testing - Rail and maritime transport

Fire reaction test in the field of rail transport includes the French regulatory tests (ratings I, F) as well as the European regulatory ratings, in accordance with Standard EN 45 545. As regards the maritime sector, the tests carried out the civil Marine (code FTP MSC 307(88)) and the military Marine Corps (STANAG).

Proposed services

The LNE Laboratory is able to propose a variety of services, including:

  • Rating I (test using an glow wire and an oxygen index),
  • Rating F,
  • Rating test in accordance with Standard NF EN 45545 (measurement of the opacity and toxicity of smoke, glow wire, calorimeter cone, floor radiating panel, etc.),
  • Rating test in accordance with the FTP code (European radiating panel, measurement of the opacity and toxicity of smoke, calorimeter cone tests, etc.),
  • Rating test in accordance with STANAG 4602 (AFAP2, AFAP3, AFAP4, AFAP5).
Detailed sheet of the service

Detailed sheet on rail transportation activities and fire behavior studies

Resources available

In response to client demand, the following equipment can be made available:



Incandescent wire filament

Ignition temperature


Oxygen index determination test bench (ILO)

Oxygen rate


Smoke chamber (NBS), 1 of which is equipped with an FTIR

  • Measurement of smoke opacity

  • Measurement of smoke toxicity


Tubular combustion oven to determine smoke toxicity

Measurement of smoke toxicity


Calorimeter cone, including 1 at controlled atmosphere, and smoke analysis

  • Release of the energy freed during combustion

  • Opacity of smoke

  • Mass loss

Possibility of coupling an FTIR (gas analysis), DMS, DLPI (dust analysis)


European radiating marine panel

  • Critical flow at extinction

  • Length destroyed

  • Smoke temperature


Floor radiating panel

  • Flame propagation

  • Energy flow

  • Integrated smoke value


Chromatograph during the liquid phase (HPLC and ILC)

  • Toxicity of smoke


Epiradiator booth for stiff "M" classification 

  • Measurement of ignition time and duration

  • Flame height

  • Index q evaluation



Applicable regulations

The tests proposed are capable of satisfying a wide array of Standards, including:

  • NF EN 60 695-2-10 to 13,
  • NF EN ISO 4589-1 and -2,
  • FTP code, Appendix 1, Parts 1, 2 and 5,
  • NF X 10-702-1 through 5,
  • AFAP 2 to  AFAP5,
  • ISO 5659-2,
  • ISO 5660-1,
  • ISO 5658-2,
  • NF EN ISO 11925-2,
  • NF EN 45545.

Products involved

  • Materials used in the rail and maritime sectors (both civilian and military), including floor elements, seat components, partitions and structures.

Why choose LNE

Our experts are involved in a number of groups, such as

  • Participation in the standards committee in charge of the EN 45545 standard,
  • Chairing the French standards committees AFNOR ISI (Fire Safety Engineering), AFNOR X65T (Effects of fire on people and the environment), AFNOR X65M (Fire safety of ships) and BNPP T50A4 (Fire behaviour of plastics),
  • Animation of the international standardisation groups ISO TC92/SC3/WG1, concerning physical fire models for smoke toxicity tests, and ISO TC61/SC4/WG2 concerning opacity and corrosivity of smoke,
  • Coordination of the European research project Transfeu, which contributed to the definition of the tests for EN 45545.
  • All our services are carried out under COFRAC 1- 0606* accreditation

*Sites and scopes available on Cofrac.fr