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CE marking for thermal insulation used in building facilities and industrial installations

Affixing the CE marking on thermal insulation materials used in building facilities and industrial installations is required by regulation. Such a requirement is established by Construction Product Regulation No. 305/2011, as well as by harmonized product standards EN14303 to EN14314. While product manufacturing conditions like marketing by the manufacturer necessitate an evaluation of product performance consistency under System 1, the verification of a product's initial and sustained performance is to be carried out by a notified certification body like ACERMI.

Presentation of the certification

Why require certification?

For construction products bound to the CE marking, affixing this marking is regulated and placed under manufacturer responsibility. Such a regulation enables contracting authorities, instructing parties and building industry distribution network users to be assured of the product's compliance with all regulatory requirements.
For thermal insulation materials used in building facilities and industrial installations, product compliance verification falls under the jurisdiction of System 1 or System 3 as regards evaluating performance consistency according to European Construction Product Regulations (CPR No. 305/2011). Moreover, such a verification depends on the composition of the product in its marketed form.
Thermal insulation materials are subjected to the System 1 performance evaluation under two conditions: their fire resistance classification lies between Euroclasses A and C; and a clearly identified step inserted into the production process leads to a better fire resistance rating (e.g. addition of a flame retardant or limitation of organic substances).

How to become certified?

Within this specific scope, the tasks required of the notified body include the following:

  • initial standard testing of the product's fire resistance,
  • an initial factory inspection and factory production control,
  • continuous monitoring.

These provisions serve to ensure performance consistency with respect to the fire resistance of any certified product covered by the CE marking.

Obtaining certification

Certification requests may be sent to either the Commercial Department or the Project Manager.
The compliance evaluation is conducted in accordance with the procedure outlined in Chapter 5 of Standard EN13172 and the applicable product standards for thermal insulation used in building facilities and industrial installations.